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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cherry, pear and apple blossoms

Although the cherry blossoms have started to drift, pear and apple blossoms are just starting to bloom.


  1. DO you think that if I run around all the trees with blossom on and add some stron glue to the blossom that we will keep the beautiful blossom for just a bit longer? I'm happy to give it a go.
    I dread the mess when the blossom drops off. The funny thing is Glo, we never seem to have seen the tree is full bloom this year. Because of the crazy weather it part blossomed and part didn't and then it part moulted and part didn't!
    YOu have captured a beaty that in my opinion is too fleeting! Lovely Glo.

  2. Lovely lovely blossoms, Glo. I got to enjoy these spring blooms again in France (our spring bloom here in Cali are looooong gone). I know the dropped petals can be a mess, but when they're first fallen, they can look quite lovely - especially in someone else's garden!

  3. Trees in blossom like these really are a wonderful, if all too fleeting, sight. xx

  4. Daffy ~ I'm with you with the glue! The weather sure did confuse the blossoms, however luckily the weather has been wonderful here these last few days, and although short lived, the blossoms have been beautiful. Now I'm enjoying seeing the petals drift off ~ they swirl so prettily. I've never thought of fallen petals as mess...LOL Now I can watch the cherries develop...and in about 2 months, hmmmmm succulence :) ~ usually about July 1 ~ is that about the same time yours are ready?

    Nikki ~ How wonderful that you were able to enjoy a second spring ~ I'm happy to share mine with you too :)

    Flighty ~ I agree ~ I think the secret is to enjoy every little moment you can ~ goes for life too!

  5. I loved your trees in blossom. You made a fabulous slideshow. Really lovely! Hugs.

    PS I've just made a comment in your new entry.My real name is Nadja.

  6. Glo, I love, love, love the blossoms especially since we don't have many trees like that around here (So Cal). Thanks for the visual delight.