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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spirit Star


She fills my eye with wonderment,
This small, yet vibrant thing,
Appearing as she does each year
To introduce the spring.

She somehow makes it through the ground,
Through mulch and winter scraps,
To add a touch of brilliance
And gives a chance, perhaps

To pause, and take the wonder in,
To ponder on the sight,
And realize that what is seen
Is nature's own delight.

Her star invites a wish to share
Her iridescent charm,
Yet also serves to warn away
All those who cause her harm.

Her petals, to a human eye,
So heart-shaped, pure and true,
Appear to others differently,
As most things tend to do,

For some can see the day as night,
Where stars shine from the ground,
When passion flies on rhythmic wings,
And hums its honeyed sound.

Ah, little primrose, do you know
What wondrous seeds you’ve sown?
I’ve glimpsed a world through other eyes
And seen it as my own.

A spirit star in just one face
To show, without a doubt,
That beauty glows from deep within
And radiates throughout.


GC 2008


  1. A lovely poem to go with lovely photos! These are such a warm colour combination.
    I like small flowers which are so often overlooked in the plant world. Thanks! xx

  2. My pleasure, Flighty ~ I find it fascinating that insects see a broader spectrum of light than humans and ultraviolet light and coloured signals guide the insect to the centre. That's what triggered the image in my poem that flowers on the ground may look like the starlit sky to insects.

  3. The words broaden the beauty of the delicate little flowers.

  4. Thanks Daffy ~ a lovely reply :)