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Friday, April 4, 2008

Flush and Overflowing

A dripping toilet tank can be a test
to see if you or it will come out best.
An irritating dribbling from a hose,
like someone whistling while he holds his nose,
can indicate a challenge to be met.
This is a day that I won’t soon forget.

I fiddled with a screw or two at first
adjusting things with hands that were submersed.
This didn’t help a bit and things got worse…
I headed to the hardware store with purse.

I looked at each and every plumbing part
and wondered where on earth I’d ever start.
A toilet tank repair kit caught my eye…
Of course, that was the very thing to buy.

I’d rip the innards from that toilet tank,
a turn, a twist and one almighty yank…
then set in place this kit, pristine, so new.
I smiled because I knew just what to do.

I shut the water off, then gave a flush
and heard, relieved, its gasp, its final gush.
A folded towel placed upon the floor,
precautionary measure, nothing more…

I wiggle-twisted down beside the bowl
with crescent wrench in hand to free the hole
of pipes with nuts and bolts and other stuff
that held it all together…it was tough
but still I persevered until at last
things fell apart; like fate, the die was cast.

Old innards sat detached in laundry sink
while I perused their set up, time to think…

Attaching parts and pieces of the kit,
replacing inner workings bit by bit,
returning now beneath to reconnect
not long until the time I can inspect…

All set to turn the valve the other way.
OH NO, the water leaks…spurts out in spray…
turn off the valve, my eyes and mouth agape!
Just wait, I’ll reach for Teflon sealant tape.

Once more, the crescent wrench will turn the tides…
a quick adjustment ‘til the spray subsides.

The tank is filling slowly, levels rise,
as spirits sink, collapsing in surprise,
for water doesn’t stop…as still it goes
in waterfalls down tube of overflows.

A call for help, I reach now for the phone
explaining what I’ve done all on my own.
I take three photos of the task at hand
and email them so he can understand.

He lets me know which screw to turn, adjust…
Thank goodness there is someone I can trust
to help me when it comes to pull or push.
Now thanks to “e-plumb”, everything is flush.


  1. I had to smile as I'm certainly no plumber and this would be me if I did something like this!

  2. The toilet tank adventure took place a couple of years ago, but I came across the poem when I was looking through my files, and hoped it would bring a smile. I have always been interested in how things work, and with my curious nature, I figure I'll give things a try and learn as I go. Since that time, I have removed and replaced a whole toilet (different one). I bought a plumbing book for reference, and checked out the process online...made sure I had the necessary tools and did it, with no problems at all...I replaced the sink and taps too! I'm not ready to make it a career, though!