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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heaven Sent

I have written poems, it seems forever, usually for fun, about experiences shared with family and friends. I still enjoy writing and sharing this type of poetry. About three or four years ago, I began taking an interest in particular forms and styles of poetry, and began writing somewhat "seriously". Computer programs and digital photography have enhanced the enjoyment of my creative pursuits.

When I think of my poetry, I remember an incident that happened shortly after my mother died. Something fell off a shelf and when I picked it up, I read, "Heaven Sent". It was a bottle of perfume belonging to my mother. Time seemed to stop for a moment.

This is what is written on the box that I have kept:

A fragrance full of rain-washed breezes,
Of poems waiting to be written;
Fresh as laughter, free as flight --
A scent so full of gentleness and dreams,
it says what you have no words for.

I have always loved the message that "Heaven Sent".



  1. The message is lovely and that photo is just so wonderful! xx

  2. I truly believe that your mum used her local post service to get that message to you. :o) Heaven Sent. :o)
    Words have been a great source of comfort to me when I have been lost or had that feeling of being in the dark. It's the only way that I think I was able to fill, even just a little bit, the void left by my mum. I felt I had a way of communicating to her in a strange sort of way.
    Your words, that I have read so far, I feel they reach out, they send messages, they bring hope, they give warmth. That Glo is a gift.
    The picture is somewhere I wouldn't mind getting lost in! :o)

  3. Flighty ~ Thank you :)

    Daffy ~ You have echoed my belief re 'Heaven Sent'. It was a very special message. The love for your mother that you expressed through your touching poem on your site shows how words, when written from the heart, are pure poetry.

    Thank you for giving me such a heartwarming reply...and if I am able to do as you say, then you, saying so, is a gift! :)