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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


With all of this talk of rain, here's a poem I wrote a couple of years ago, although it sounds like a wrote it after a drought, not after a long cold and wet winter!!


So breathless, running through the rain soaked street,
Exploding puddles leap and splatter wide.
Umbrellas pop, while others duck inside,
As laughter splashes on with soggy feet.

A cleansing freshness flowing down my face,
Unlike those tears of sadness that I’ve shed,
This rain replenishes my thirst, instead.
I run with rain and let it set the pace.

Why hide from nature’s tears that fill a void,
For flowers bow their heads, as if in thanks;
Dry riverbeds at last, embrace their banks.
The cycle turns; a time to be enjoyed.

So breathless, running through the rain soaked street,
As laughter splashes on with soggy feet.


  1. This captures every single emotion we have all felt at sometime, wether it be in child or adulthood. You have evoked memories of wellington boots being heftily brought down in puddles splishing and sploshing anything close by! It actually reminds me of a rather horrible red plastic see-through jacket that my mam used to make me wear too!
    Refreshing Glo!

  2. I think that Daffy has said it all! I didn't have a red plastic see-through jacket though!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely poem Glo. xx

  3. Hello Daffy ~ Thanks for your lovely comment! Working around children all day helps me keep that childlike enjoyment of everything ~ especially puddles!! Funny how we remember being made to wear things by our mothers...I have similar memories of "old lady boots" that I had to wear in the least that's how I saw them. LOL

    Flighty ~ I'm pleased you enjoyed the poem (and also glad to hear you didn't have to wear a red plastic see-through jacket!) :)

  4. It does feel like a post-drought poem - and I know the feeling after a long spell of dryness. Beautiful, Glo.

  5. Thanks, Nikki ~ I'm pleased you enjoyed the poem :)