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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Call to Green

This is a bit of an experiment. I heard the frog chorus or orchestra as I seemed to call it, and went out in the night with my camera on movie mode, in hopes of recording it to go with my poem, "A Call to Green". It seems to take some loading time...would appreciate knowing if it works for you or not.

The call came through last night, the call to green.
It may have throbbed at first from cattail bog,
perhaps a throaty gurgling sound, a frog,
from deep within, a heartbeat called, unseen.

A silence in transition hushed the air
as crinolines of white revealed their charms
and verdant sleeves slipped over waiting arms ~
a change of dress for springtime’s next affair.

As dawn approached a chorus met her ears.
Excitement rustled youthfully with breeze,
while conifers stood proudly, quite at ease,
displaying tufts of growth like tiny spears.

The call came through last night, the call to green,
from deep within, a heartbeat called, unseen.


  1. Glo, you're a genius. And I loved hearing your voice as you MCed the event.

  2. The frog chorus is clear and a delight to listen to! It's a noise I am fond of to be honest but then again I love what I call 'night time' noises. The owls, the crickets, the wood pigeons... all very relaxing noises...
    There was no picture unless you were following a firefly around the place... I could see a little light flitting about!

  3. What a wonderfully different entry!
    Well done, and thanks! xx

  4. Nikki ~ LOL ~ Thanks for the thumbs up and pleased that you could hear the frogs and me :)

    Daffy ~ Yes, those kind of rhythmic noises seem to be comforting somehow, as if all is well with the world. It was pitch black out there, Daffy, but it was the only way I could think of to record the frogs. I thought the least I could do was speak so that it wasn't toadily frogs :) The little lights flitting about were glimpses of the house lights across the back as I was walking. If I try something like that again, perhaps I should wear a miner's headlight!

    Flighty ~ Thanks :) I'm glad it worked! Next time I'll try something else in daylight!