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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cherry Blossom Time

Cherry Blossom Time, music by Kotaro Oshio

My cherry tree slideshow and poem


...and a video to put it all together, ending with yozakura, which means night cherry blossoms.


  1. Wonderful! Cherry blossom is such a lovely sight.
    I like the way you've combined pictures, sound and words in this way. xx

  2. Thanks Flighty! Well, I certainly did combine things, didn't I? I hope I didn't get carried away ~ but it is one of my favorite sights and with yesterday's blue sky, the blossoms looked especially beautiful. By the time I thought to take a video, the blue had vanished, though. I'm hoping the weather will be gentle with the blossoms ~ it is raining lightly today. I also noticed the pear tree blossoms are coming along quite nicely, as well as the peony, which is still in bud. I love spring!

  3. I've not been able to experience "the full effect" yet (things disabled on this PC) but love the poem and the photo

    hope you're having a good day

  4. Thanks for the message, WoodPigeon...hehe I'm glad you dropped by :)

  5. Glo, I came for a visit some days ago and just love this! Cherry blossoms are so very lovely. Your site is quite fancy. Very impressive.