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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Need to Weep


No Need to Weep

As clouds descend on sounds of nightbirds' cries,
The weight of sorrow falls and comes to rest.
Thick blankets billow, blotting out the stars
And smother dreams in darkness’s disguise.
An aching heart still flutters in its breast,
So weak, yet holding promises to keep.
It quivers, finding places without scars,
For strength to see the gift in burdened skies.
Faint music sifts between the layers depressed,
A wafting serenade sent from afar,
Now straining through the clouds to one who sleeps.
Melodious awakening, Clair de Lune.
In shadows of the dark, no need to weep.
Above night’s eiderdown, there shines the moon.

GC ©2008


  1. A dramatic image, Glo. You have a talent for images in your poetry as well.

  2. That's looks like a face in the sky!

  3. Thanks, Nikki. I took the photo near the end of the recent eclipse, and found a sonnet that seemed to fit the image.

    Flighty ~ Yes, there's a face there all right...and a bright-eyed one at that!