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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two walks today

Kathy from Postcards from the P.P. has posted May's Photo Scavenger Hunt List:

a butterfly
a bicycle
a red door
a cartoon character
an emergency vehicle
think vintage!
something blue
a street light
a sign of the zodiac
an interesting local building
a portrait in black and white

Looks like challenging fun!

Today was quite pleasant so I took myself off for a walk to see Harzel, who seems to enjoy continuing his meandering ways into May.



On the way I spotted a female Northern Flicker (without the red moustache) and was able to take a few photos of a front image. Some of those dark patches are more heart-shaped :)



I noticed that the tide was out which always entices folks to have a long walk on the sand.

On my way home I spotted a huge crawling ant nest. Although it was fascinating to look at, I didn't want to stare at it too long otherwise I'd start getting itchy!


This very cool spring (some say the coolest in 75 years) has its advantages. My daffodils in the back are still in bud, and many daffodils are still blooming throughout the area. Here's a patch in a garden close by:


In the afternoon I went for another walk, this time around the neighbourhood looking at all the spring flowering trees and plants.

At home, I read for awhile on the deck; I just love being surrounded by the beautiful white cherry blossom. The green leaves are just starting to poke through.


I refilled the birdbath and before long a robin came for a drink. Quite often a robin will have a bath and then nip into the rhodo to have a good shake. It peeks out at me, but it seems to think it's hidden. When I disappear, it comes out again. I noticed it 'hiding' while I was filling the birdbath today. As soon as the robin was finished, the yellow-rumped warbler quenched its thirst...




...with just a little bit of its yellow rump peeking out!

A very relaxing day to start the month of May!


  1. You are becoming the standard by which I judge Northern Flicker images ..she is superb.

  2. Ha ha. I nearly missed the May growth in the second photo.

    Your flowering plants do seem to be confused what with daffs in bud and trees in flower. We have lost nearly all the blossom from trees now. It's a shame they last such a short time.

  3. I never quite made time for the April Scavenger Hunt, but will try harder for May? There's lovely blueness in your photos Glo. How lovely to have regular Warblers to your patch, and those lovely spotty Northern Flickers too. The daffodils and blossom are well over here, and we are now on to early flowering perennials! I shall look in on your Scavenger Hunt photos later, as I've lots to do in the garden. Today is another Bank Holiday here in the UK. x

  4. Hi Glo, I have just enjoyed a week's worth of your delightful posts :)

    We have had such high winds for some days now so that what tree blossom was left has all gone and Daffodils are just a golden memory here. April was a very strange month this time, I cannot remember the last time it rained (whatever happened to April showers!) consequently everything is so very dry.

    I loved all your photos of the Northern Flicker, what a striking bird it is! I also enjoyed hearing the Yellow-rumped Warbler, how lovely that it seems to be visiting you regularly now :)

    After enjoying your contribution to April's Scavenger Hunt I don't think you will have too much trouble with the May list.

    I also loved your 'Call to Green' poem, I do admire your creativity Glo! The little Pine Siskin looking puzzled by the stony stare of the other 'bird' was delightful too :)

  5. Good luck with the butterfly, especially if it's a real one!
    What a great way to start the month off.
    In contrast to yours our spring has been one of the driest and warmest on record! Flighty xx

  6. Thanks so much Adrian :) I was quite close to her which helps!

    Hi John ~ Good observational skills catching the meandering May ;) That's one good thing about cool temperatures in April...although Spring was slow to start, it's still in slow motion :) I'm enjoying the blossoms while I 'may' :)

    Hi Louise ~ I think I would find the scavenger hunt more difficult if I was working, but now it gives me something to focus on when I'm taking photos! Hopefully you'll be able to take photos for the May list.

    I quite like seeing the little Warbler around, and can't help but notice the Northern Flickers as they are quite a size. It's a lovely time of year - I love seeing sprouts popping up reminding me what is to follow. I'm glad to know you are happily enjoying your gardening.

    Hi ShySongbird ~ how lovely to see you dropping by to catch up :) Sorry to hear the high winds were blowing spring blossoms away! Yes, a strange month all around weather wise. Thanks for your comments on my recent postings, and glad to hear you enjoyed my poetry too :) It's hard to believe that England hasn't had any rain! You can have the stuff that's falling here today :)

  7. Hi Flighty ~ Good luck with the butterfly is right! It would be a soggy one today. I might have to make one out of paper ;) Yesterday was back to rain!