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Monday, May 23, 2011

Colours of Monday

This is the last day of the long weekend that is considered by many to be the start of 'summer' festivities with numerous outdoor activities. Saturday and Sunday were slightly disappointing because of the clouds and rain! However this afternoon, the sun made up for it, although many people would be heading home!

Around my garden, the lilac, pink dogwood, mock orange, apple and pear tree blossoms are offering fragrance and colour. I noticed one of the red peony buds was starting to open. During late afternoon when I was 'lounging' on the deck with my ebook, I noticed the cherry tree branch more blossoms, but the suggestion of cherries, which are usually ready by the beginning of July.


When blue sky appeared early afternoon, I decided to walk down to the woodland garden. It's such a pretty area right now with blooming azaleas, rhodos, and various shades of leafy trees. Here's a collage of a few photos I took while I was there:

Robin Redbreast in one of the daisy, bluebell and forget-me-not meadows:


and I thought this image looked rather ethereal:


A pair of ducks enjoying the marshy pond area, but no sign of ducklings!:

On my way back I stopped on the wooden bridge that crosses this pond, and caught a glimpse of red against a tree...I couldn't get close, but took a couple of photos. Guess what it was! My first ever photo of a Red-breasted Sapsucker!! Another link here with interesting facts:

• A group of sapsuckers is collectively known as a "slurp" of sapsuckers.
• The Red-breasted Sapsucker prefers to drill sap wells in riparian species such as those in the willow and birch families. They also like other deciduous trees like orchard crops.
• The Rufous Hummingbird is closely associated with this sapsucker. It nests near sap wells and may follow the woodpecker around during the day, feeding at the wells the sapsucker keeps flowing.

Although I can't imagine seeing a slurp of sapsuckers, I was happy to spy a sip of a sapsucker ;)


A panorama of the seaview from the gardens:


A most enjoyable Monday!


  1. A very colourful Monday Glo. You have lots of lovely blossom there.
    Love the Sapsucker having a sip.

  2. What a wonderful photo selection.
    Sapsucker is such a great name, and one I've never come across before making this an interesting and educational post!
    I'm not surprised that it was an enjoyable day for you. Flighty xx

  3. How cool to see and capture a sapsucker. Your floral images are just gorgeous.

  4. You're in the pink! :)
    I like your sapsucker too!

  5. Your photos are glorious, Glo. I love love all that springy green behind and all around the birds. Very rich and verdant.

  6. Thanks John ~ it's been a wet week, so everything remains green, but more sun is needed to warm up the blossoms :) I was pleased to see the Sapsucker and learn more about them.

    Hi Flighty ~ Pleased you enjoyed the photos and was happy to know I introduced you to the Sapsucker! We are in need of sun again as it has been a rainy week.

    Hi Hilary ~ Yes, a thrill to find out it was a Sapsucker, and the gardens were indeed beautiful with all the colourful blossom :)

    Hi Mo ~ In the pink, indeed ...It was a gorgeous day, and I was very happy to see the Sapsucker amid the spring greenery.

    Thanks Nikki ~ we are certainly surrounded by green, especially with a week more of rain! Hopefully the sun will be back to warm us up!