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Friday, May 27, 2011

Nearing the end of May!

Sun was scarce this week and so was I, blogwise,  however after supper the sun showed its face tonight and encouraged me to have a walk around the neighbourhood.

In the garden, the Pink Dogwood dripped prettily with raindrops ~



Mock Orange had a visit from its Ant Matilda


Oakley, the tree that has grown from an acorn I planted a few years ago is thriving in a bigger pot.

A drenched female House Finch takes refuge in the bird feeder I hung at the front with black sunflower seeds inside.

The tree near our mailbox drops huge cones and seems to be top heavy with ammunition ~


I better keep clear of that area during a wind storm!

Pine needles gathered around a storm drain.

This Sunset serenade was kindly performed by a White-crowned Sparrow this evening,


while a dragon cloud or whale cloud ~ depending on which way you look at it, drifted into the sunset.

I am compiling my May list of photographs from the Scavenger Hunt and will post them in the next day or so :)

To refresh your memory, the list is as follows:

a butterfly 
a bicycle
a red door 
a cartoon character
an emergency vehicle 
think vintage!
something blue
a street light
a sign of the zodiac
an interesting local building
a portrait in black and white


  1. how wonderful to be serenaded by the white crowned sparrow!

  2. Wow! look at all those pine cones! And you grew an Oak Tree, that's wonderful :) Stunning photo's once again, thank you for sharing them. Mo

  3. Definitely a dragon to me Glo :)

    I love the colourful blossom here and all the blooms on the previous post too.

    Lovely to see the Red-breasted Sapsucker on the last post, I always enjoy seeing your birds.

  4. Terrific photos to see the month out!
    I look forward to seeing your scavenger hunt ones. Flighty xx

  5. The Pink Dogwood looks a real beauty. I had forgotten about Oakley. Nice to see it is growing healthily.
    My - what a lot of ammunition that tree has for the next gale. You will need a steel umbrella when you go out.

  6. Thanks Juliet ~ evening is a lovely time to walk to birdsong serenade :)

    Hi Mo ~ those cones are quite amazing! Yes, my little Oakley is doing fine in his bigger pot. I'm glad you enjoyed my photos!

    Hi ShySongbird ~ Happy you saw the dragon in the clouds and enjoyed my photos. The Sapsucker was a treat for me too! Recently I have had a large corvid land at the bird feeders but haven't managed a photo. A big difference from the usual wee visitors!

    Hi Flighty ~ pleased you enjoyed the photos and I have finally posted the May Scavenger post list.

    Hi John ~ The Pink Dogwood is lovely ~ it has grown so much since we moved here 18 years ago. It now peeks through my upstairs bedroom window! I think Oakley looks great too and looks up to his 'mother tree'. I was amazed at the number of huge cones on the tree...situated next to the mailbox. Great idea about a reinforced umbrella!