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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On hold

I am putting my blog on hold for now. I am involved in sorting and shredding some old papers that have accumulated over my working career, as well as other projects, and spending whatever extra time I have outside.

If I do have any outstanding photos or wonderful news, I will post, otherwise, I am going to take a break from blogging for awhile.

I have blogged each day for the first third of this year, so that's it for now!

Thanks to my readers for leaving comments and I won't be far away :)


  1. I know that need to pull back for a bit. Enjoy the outdoors.. we'll be here when you return.

  2. Hi Hilary ~ Well, my 'on hold' didn't last the day out! I walked a different route after dinner and was able to take some different photos which I thought I'd post! Thanks for your understanding!

  3. Well, you have been pulling out all the stops with those daily posts -- lovely birds, Harzel updates, sea and skies to make us all swoon. Enjoy your break and project time.

  4. Come back can get like a job at times. Thank you for the entertainment.

  5. You've done 123 consecutive posts, which is about a years worth for me, which really is some going! A break is well deserved, but please don't stop blogging altogether!
    I always say that it should be enjoyable to do and that how often you post - be it daily, weekly or whenever - isn't important it's the content that counts.
    Yours are always top notch, and one of my favourite favourites!
    I've seen your next post so know your break was rather short-lived!
    Flighty xx

  6. Thanks Nikki ~ as you can see, my break didn't last long! There always seems to be something going on!

    Hi Adrian ~ Thanks, I posted twice in the same day instead of having a break, so how's that for a short break ;)

    Hi Flighty ~ Gosh, that is a lot of posting ~ now that we are 1/3 of the way through the year. Hard to believe. Thanks for your kind words :)

  7. Hi Glo, shredding what a chore, papers that need shredding just seem to perch on top of the shredder in the vain hope someone else will attend to them.
    I've never found it tougher to 'get at my blog' or read my RSS feed than I am at the moment, I'm studying, it will be over come September but so will the summer.

  8. Glo, You have been one of my favourite places to visit since Flighty pointed me in your direction. I love your posts.
    I will confess that I have struggled to keep up with your mammoth efforts of daily posts, which then leads to the worry that you think I am bored. It's not the case :)
    Enjoy your well-earned break from blogging, but please don't forget to come back!