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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Woody Woodpecker!

I am still in the process of sorting through and uploading my holiday photos, and today I have to bake pies and a cake for an annual gathering tomorrow so that will be my focus. I will be using some of the apples on the tree you'll see in the compilation photo/video that follows. I usually see a lot of eagles on the island I visited, but not this year. What I did see was this fellow ~ and I know it is a male because of the red moustache that matches his red head. Make sure your sound is on!


  1. Lucky you seeing, and hearing, this impressive bird. I rarely see, or hear woodpeckers here although they are around.
    Enjoy your annual gathering today! xx

  2. Beautiful pictures and brilliant video capture. Bobby was fast asleep and shot out of bed when he heard the sound. He is still trying to trace where it is hiding!

  3. Hi Flighty ~ Yes, I was pleased to not only see and hear it, but be able to take a few shots ~ did you notice the tree with all the drill holes in it? We picked the apples before he could drill any more holes in them ~ and made apple and blackberry pie. Yum. More on that later when I get my photos up.

    Hi John ~ Thanks :) ~ glad you enjoyed the video. I hoped it wouldn't take too long to download on my site. Bobby jumping up gave me a chuckle ~ the pileated woodpecker has a very distinct sound and I can just imagine his response!

  4. An impressive fellow. I wonder why he feels the need to make such a racket though! x