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Friday, August 7, 2009

Home again!

After a lovely break, I'm back home again. I've had a quick look at the blogs I follow, and one item of news is that Hope, MidMarsh John's young garden hedgehog had been taken to the Hedgehog hospital for a check-up and will be there for a week or so. So, here's a little get well wish to Hope...that she'll be back home soon, all bright eyed and bristly.


In my previous entry, I showed a photo of me as a youngster at an English beach. Louise wondered if I knew where the beach was located. I unearthed the original photo, which my dad had noted on the back... Skegness in Lincolnshire, August 7. Isn't that amazing? The very same date that I looked it up, but many years hence. I was 5 years old ... a few months before my 6th birthday. I really should spend some time looking through the old photos, scanning them and organizing them on the computer.

In the meantime, I will be looking through the photos I've taken over the last 5 days to organize them and share the lovely time I had.

Still no sign of rain (since the beginning of July), but the weather has mercifully cooled down after the record breaking heat wave. Rain is in the forecast for Monday, I think ... and then more sunshine :)


  1. Thank you very much for your lovely get well wish to Hope.

    What a small world - Bracing Skegness is about twenty or so miles from where I live in Lincolnshire.

  2. Welcome back, Glo!

    Crossing fingers for Hope.

    I love going through old photos, not necessary mine but other people too :)

    You can tell a lot of a person from the old photos ;)

  3. Welcome home! That's a terrific hedgehog gif!
    I see that you've always liked paddling in the sea.
    It's been warm and wet here, which is not a good combination as it's perfect for blight which devastates potatoes and tomatoes!
    Take care! xx

  4. John ~ You're more than welcome for the get well wish for Hope. Like you, I am hoping that no news is good news and that you'll hear from Elaine soon.

    Small world indeed! I had to look up 'Bracing Skegness' to see what you meant, and the Jolly Fisherman came up with the history of Skegness. Very interesting. Since posting the photo, I've found a few more which indicates we were on a touring holiday, riding on the ferry from Hull, and through Scarborough.

    Selby ~ Thanks for the welcome back, and for your good wishes for Hope. Glad you enjoyed my old photo ~ yes, old photos are interesting, and in this case, I'm showing my age ;)

    Flighty ~ thanks for the welcome home. I found the hedgehog animated gif on the web, and added the text's fun to do that ;) We had many trips to the seaside while living in England, so I do love being near the ocean. I haven't always lived close to the sea though, so I am happy that I do now.

    Your weather never seems to be quite right for long, does it? I'm sorry to hear about the potato and tomato blight ~ were your potatoes and tomatoes affected?

  5. Thanks Glo. I've never been to Skegness! I always get quite tearful when looking through family photos. x

  6. Ah, welcome home! It's terrific that you have some background information on those photos. Sounds like you will be embarking on an interesting project with sorting those old images.