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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vacation time!

There's only one answer for dealing with this heat...I'm taking myself on a vacation for a few days! Although I didn't go last year, in the summer I usually head up to a small island where some friends have a summer house and stay with them for a few days. I wasn't going to go because of the heat, but then I decided that driving for 1 hour in an air-conditioned vehicle, and then going on two ferry rides where I can stand out in the sea breeze sounds like just the ticket. If I don't get moving soon, summer will be over, and I'll still be at home! I'll head off early in the morning...

I've baked a cake, taking some veggies from my friends farm and one of her large chickens (now frozen), my sleeping bag, etc. etc. I'm on my PC rather than my laptop, so had to dig deep to find a photo to go with this post. A long long time ago... somewhere in England... See you in a few days!



  1. Sounds idyllic, have a lovely time!
    Take care, and safe journey!

  2. Seems an excellent idea to me - enjoy your visit and those cooling breezes.

  3. Have a wonderful vacation, Glo :)

  4. Lovely!
    And what a fun photo of you enjoying the beach at an early age :-)

  5. Ah, so glad you can take a break. Such a sweet photo :) Fun to see!

  6. I wonder where in England! Such a lovely photo of you Glo. I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I cannot believe how Summer is passing me by too. x

  7. Hi Flighty ~ Yes, thanks ~ it was idyllic and I did have a lovely time and a safe journey there and back!

    Hi John ~ The little holiday was just the thing to do to relax and mellow out! Gorgeous weather, with lovely sea breezes!

    Thanks Selby ~ It was 5 days of relaxing in good company and beautiful surroundings! Pictures to follow when I get them organized!

    Hi Nikki~ Glad you liked the photo ~ yes, there are quite a few photos of the early years on various beaches and other spots in England...usually I had a bucket and spade in hand, or was making a sandcastle.

    Hi Roomie ~ It was a lovely break,thanks, and so pleased you enjoyed a 'glimpse' of me...way back when!

    Hi Louise, you had me wondering if I could find out where the photo was taken, because often my dad would put the info on the back ... and when I looked at the original photo, there it was.... Skegness, Lincolnshire,and guess the date! It was August 7! I was 5 years old. Yes, indeed, summer is moving along, the nights are becoming darker earlier, but what glorious weather we are having...still! It hasn't rained since the beginning of July! (I think it's coming in a few days, though!)