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Monday, August 24, 2009

Holiday Sunset

As my summer holidays drew to an end, a spectacular sunset shared amazing textures, drawing down the night-shades.

Waves crashed in a steady rhythm, raking the rocks and stones in a waterfall tumble ~ such drama, such unbelievable beauty.

I often think that the whole world should experience the sunsets I see ~ each one unique ~ some changing subtly and others, like this one, so dramatically intense.

After such an evening, it was hard to believe that white fluffy clouds occupy the same place the next day.


The tide was going out, providing good fishing opportunities for a Great Blue Heron and a gull ~



I had quite a busy last weekend of my holidays ~ with a visit from one of my sons, and my brother and his daughter who I hadn't seen for a few years because she was completing her Master degree back east...and had just returned from six months in South America.

Everyone was most appreciative of the waffle, bacon and egg breakfast. My niece asked me if I had a recipe for some little tartlets she remembered me making when she was a youngster. As a surprise, I whipped some up, but the only fresh fruit that I had for the top were blueberries, which make them look very symmetrical! Tasted good, though.


This morning I went back to work... a bit of a shock to my system. Luckily hardly anyone else was around, so it's transition time before the onslaught in early September.

To close off, here is a little bouquet of aromatic roses from my garden :)



  1. Sunsets can be so magical, as the one here shows!
    Terrific pictures, and the rose bouquet has my nose twitching!
    I bet that you can't believe that your holiday is over already. xx

  2. Lovely sunset shots and video. The view changes so rapidly at that time of day. It is interesting the way the setting Sun illuminates some clouds and not others.

    The tartlets look scrumptious, especially with the blueberries. Unfortunately mu blueberry bushes died in the spring so I will have to start again :(

    A lovely collection of roses. I particularly like the two yellow and red variegated ones.

  3. Looking sunrise and sunset is one of my favorite thing though I hardly have the chance... So nice that you are sharing it :)

  4. Hi Flighty ~ Just getting ready for Day 2 of work ~ I know I'm supposed to make days count rather than count the days~ It was a magical sunset ~ photos don't even do it justice as the whole sky seemed to be a dome of changing cloud formation and colours. After seeing Nikki's roses, mine seem rather paltry, but at least it's a bouquet of sorts! It was a good long holiday, but I'd rather that it continue than head back to work!

    Hi John ~ Yes, thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed the sunset. That high red fringe of clouds was a surprise as it was illuminated ~

    Sorry to hear about your blueberry bushes ~ there are many blueberries grown in this area and since there is a fruit farm within walking distance, it's easy to come by them. Scrumptious is a good word to describe the tarts!

    Glad you enjoyed the roses ~ :)

    Hi Selby ~ I am happy to share my sunsets with you especially since they are one of your favorite things :)

  5. Could we have the recipe for those tartlets? x

  6. Hi Louise ~ I'll put the recipe on my next posting :)