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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hedgehog Haven

As some of you may remember, last year I met Frog Newton on Flighty's blog and had fun making up a rhyming story under the heading of "Frog Ponderings". The series follows Frog and his friends on Flighty's allotment Plot 124. This year I haven't seen Frog Newton around, and only one sighting of my little frog that Flighty named Canuck. Hopefully the frogs are happily hopping around enjoying themselves.

This summer I have become quite fascinated with hedgehogs, thanks to John's blog, Midmarsh Jottings. Recently he procured a hedgehog house in hopes of a family of hedgehogs eventually setting up home. He is also rigging it up with a camera, which helps us all learn more about animal behaviour. Henry and Honey hedgehog are regular visitors to his back garden where they enjoy lovely delicacies, such as mealworms and crushed peanuts. If you read through his blog you'll also learn about the youngster, Hope.

After coming inside today, I decided to spend some time on my computer and before long I found a couple of hedgehog gifs online and ended up creating this, just for fun.


'Hope' is the little hedgehog in the corner, clapping her hands. As I said, I found these gifs on the web, and just incorporated them with a slightly embellished photo of John's hedgehog des res. (I had to look up des res, as it was not a familiar term to me, and it makes perfect sense because it means desirable residence).


  1. How cute are those little hedge hogs! Have always enjoyed your froggy ponderings ;-)

  2. How fortuitous this delightful post is as it nicely links to the 'Frog ponderings' entry that I've done today! Sadly I've not seen Frog, or any others, this year although I'm sure that they are around.
    Hedgehogs are wonderful creatures, and I've always liked them, so I regularly stop by John's blog, via here, to read about his ones! xx

  3. Hi Glo. What a fabulous, brilliant, charming picture. That brought a smile to my face when I had a quick look first thing this morning. I will put a link to it when I write up the final part in the Hedgehog House saga tomorrow. All is in position so now it is a waiting game.

    I should have explained 'des res'. It was used, maybe still is, when people advertised their houses for sale in newspapers and paid for the space by the column inch so many words were abbreviated to get more information in a small space.

    Many thanks for the mention and the link to my blog. Who would have dreamt it would have such a following when I took my first tentative steps early this year.

  4. a new hobby? very nice card too.

  5. Hi Nikki ~ haha...glad you got a kick out of the cute little hedgehogs and I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed the Frog Ponderings... stay tuned!

    Hi Flighty ~ I got such a kick out of your froggie post, that my muse couldn't restrain herself...see next post. Glad to hear you have taken an interest in the hedgehog postings on Midmarsh John's site :)
    Quite fascinating!

    Hi John ~ So glad I brought a smile with the little hedgehog postcard :) and thanks for the idea of linking it to your finished hedgehog house. It will be interesting to see what transpires now that it is ready for occupation.

    Thanks you for further clarification on des res...makes even more sense, now :)

    Your site has such detailed photos, video and is such an informative and fun site, it's no wonder it has a good following :)

    Hi Roomie ~ nice to see you and pleased to hear you like the postcard!