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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the island

It was time to put down the crab and prawn traps. I went along for the ride in the small but sturdy boat. What we hadn't realized until we were out of the bay, was that the sea was rather lumpy, and by the time we headed back, I had to put my camera away because of the high waves! Put on your life jacket!

On the next trip out to pick up the traps, someone else went along, and, of course, the sea was calm. Here's dinner!


First thing on the plate ~



Previously I have shown the pileated woodpecker in the apple tree, but someone else was interested in the apples as well!




The Transparent apples were ready to pick ~


and along with some blackberries, I made a couple of pies.


More to follow ~


  1. I can just imagine the sweetness of that fresh crab! YUM! And finished off with your pie? Perfect.

  2. Glo! Thank you so much for coming by to nudge me into activity. I stole a few mins today to mail in a blog post.

    I love eating crab but seeing him on a screen as opposed to in person, is, for some reason, more scary!

    So, I love seeing the deer more with its big eyes and long eyelashes. No wonder they call them doe eyes.

    I had blueberry pie the other day and said I would be talking about it for days afterwards. I usually avoid fruit pies because they're too tart for my palate; however, considering how mild blueberries are to eat fresh, I agreed and am totally glad I did!


  3. Oh you wicked person - pictures of one of my favourite foods - fresh crab!

    Rather you than me on the bumpy boat ride. I think I would soon have lost interest in photography :)

    How lovely to have a close encounter with a deer.

  4. I'm not that fussed about crab but when it's fresh like that...
    Lovely deer photos. I bet that you were holding your breath as it approached! and blackberry pie, especially with vanilla ice cream! xx

  5. Hi Nikki ~ The crab was just perfect ~ buttery sweet-melt-in-your-mouth delicious! I also made some little tarts out of the left over pastry, blackberries and apple. All good!

    Hi Liv ~ Yay! Good to see you. Crabs can look a bit scary with those pinchy pincers clacking away, but once 'subdued', they are just delicious and not scary at all!

    Deer roam around here as well, and we have to watch for them on the roads as they 'own the place'. Sweet faces and big doe eyes are very appealing!

    Blueberry pie sounds delicious. We have fresh blueberries around as well, so another option for pies...or just to eat... good for you, too!

    Hi John, LOL ~ your comment made me laugh. You can't get much fresher crab than that one ~ and so delicious. Once I got safely back to shore from the bumpy boat ride, I felt quite exhilarated, but while on board, I was clinging to the seat!

    Hi Flighty ~ fresh crab makes all the difference, I think. The deer aren't very timid ~ so it kept coming until it was under the tree, and then we shooed it off and it went back down to the beach area. I threw it down some smaller apples, and it was eating one on that last deer photo.

    Believe it or not, there was no vanilla ice cream to be found at the little store on the island ... probably gone the minute it arrived with all the heat. However, I did manage to get some delicious blackberry gelato, which was a perfect addition to the pie.