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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday's Pre-Spring Fling

BoldSong Sparrow

It started with a bird who dared to feed
in sight of Mr. Sneaky’s birdbath perch.
Its beady eye was keen and seemed to search
for any cat who’d try a nasty deed.


It kept its beak shut tight; no need for song
in case of any others skulking by.
He flexed his wings, impatient now to fly
above his breakfast tray. He sang, “So long!”

Finding Spring

The sky was overcast ~ a wintry gray.
I went in search of Spring and daffodil.
I hoped the park we know as Beacon Hill
would satisfy my quest ~ a spring display!

At first the mulch was all my eyes could see
for all the beds were covered layers deep.
In Fall, when residents pile leaves in heaps
the City trucks drive by and take debris.

This beneficial mulch spread on the ground
improves the soil conditions in the park.
A chipping program adds a mulch of bark
recycling season’s offerings year round.


But I digress, I’ve come to see spring bloom!
Oh, there, in clumps with mulching for their beds,
I see a group of downcast yellow heads!
They need the sun instead of chilly gloom!


There’s promise though, of fragrance in the air!
A bed of wallflowers waits for buds to form
and soon sweet blossom scent will be the norm
to share its beauty with a spring affair.

Going Quackers and Nuts

As usual, the park’s alive with beaks!
Some black, some white, surveying from a height.
Some “webfoots” waddle, others take to flight
with sound effects of caws, and honks and shrieks.





I see a fluffy tail behind a tree ~
and try to keep the creature in full view
but just a minute, there’s another ~ two ~
one light, one dark, intent on scurry spree…


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There’s time before I go for one more thing!
It’s time to throw some birdseed that a brought ~
So glad that I remembered ~ just a thought
to bring some goodies for my pre-spring fling!


Good heavens! They’re going quackers! Holy crow!
They’re nuttier than squirrels. What a zoo!
I guess it beats the crumbs that others threw!
I must admit, they put on quite a show!

Drama at Sea

Gray clouds are scudding. Quickly darkness clings
above the strait, then hovers in a yawn.
A split of blue appears, like curtains drawn
revealing spring is waiting in the wings.


  1. Glo.... thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures here in your blog. Really enjoy looking at them...

  2. Another enjoyable, and relaxing, day out by the look of it.
    Your words are the perfect compliment to the photos.
    It's a pity that it wasn't sunny, yet again, but never mind!
    As Selba says thanks for sharing. xx

  3. Oh my, Glo! These are fantastic! I love the shot of the song sparrow eating ever so quietly. And spring is definitely on its way with those pretty clumps of daffs. You make me wish I could smell those wallflowers.

  4. Hi Selba ~ thanks ~ I'm glad to know you enjoy seeing this part of the world :)

    Hi Flighty ~ Well it was 'Sun'day so it would have been nice if it was brighter! Perhaps next weekend. Glad you liked my 'poem' to go with the photos ~ those ducks et al were such 'quackers' that I nearly ran out of the park with them in hot pursuit ~ I had a faithful few following me along even when the food was gone.

    Hi Nikki ~ Thanks :) Now I'm imagining the bird chewing its food with its mouth closed so he won't attract attention ;) It won't take long now before the daffs are out in full brilliance. Wallflowers are one of my favorites, and surprisingly I have none in the garden. I must rectify that!

  5. Wow, they were right when they said BC is the first area of Canada to bloom in the spring!

    When I was reading your poem I wondered how you have time to work these extra hours, take a long walk, aaaaand wax lyrical.

  6. Hi Liv ~ and don't forget the 4 hours of driving (2 there and back) ...haha
    Let's just say it was a late night early morning to bed. I have some other photos I took there, too, which will be my next post. Those quacking ducks were very excited and I nearly felt mobbed! Yes, we usually have mild weather (except we had a taste of real Canadian weather this winter!!) Spring is lovely here ...Thanks for your kind words :)