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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Down to the wire!

On Thursday, when Flighty wished everyone a good weekend, I gasped. Weekend! It was only Thursday and I wasn’t going to let the last four days of Spring Break dwindle away to nothing! Armed with a pair of rubber gloves and a determined attitude, I threw open the garage door crying, “Attack!”

FYI Although the garage does house my car, my car doesn’t have an awful lot of room to stretch, if it had a mind to. There are my tools, lawn mower, a freezer, Christmas decorations, paint cans, trunks filled with my children’s toys and books, etc. Also, two of my sons who have moved away from home have left things or returned, bringing more things for “safe keeping”…Things do accumulate!

Thursday and Friday were spent flattening cardboard boxes for the recycle bin, and filling bags of ‘stuff’. I filled my car with these items and, between rain showers, made two trips taking them to the appropriate recycling and transfer station spots.

That brought me to Saturday ~ Once more I filled my car ~ this time with two storage containers of CD’s, guitar books, a homemade guitar, a reel to reel tape recorder, an old record player, a set of dishes, a pair of flippers, two pairs of ski boots, and topped it all off with a snowboard... I looked like I was ready for anything! This car load was destined to be driven to Son #2 who now has his own house about a 40 minute drive from here.

Hmmm, I thought ~ if I’m driving south anyway, after unloading, I might as well continue for another 1 ½ hours to see Son #3 and watch his hockey game that he mentions he plays each Saturday night. That of course, means staying overnight ~ and why not since I have been literally cooped up for the whole rotten weather week… so in the small space left in my vehicle, I put in an overnight bag, camera, laptop and sleeping bag. And I’m off.

Son #2 thanks me for bringing his belongings, unloads the car and shows me his garden work ~ he has pruned his fruit trees and planted a couple of plum trees and a walnut tree. He has added kelp, cardboard, and sawdust to some planting beds, and he has some pallets to make shelves in his greenhouse. No sign of Bentley (the large cat), but Penelope seems to enjoy leaping up into the branches and following my son wherever he goes. Penelope is the other cat, by the way.

The weather is brightening and I arrive at my destination approximately 6:30 p.m. and visit some friends I haven’t seen for some time. They invite me to stay overnight, which saves me from driving any further distance. We chinwag until 10:00 p.m. and then off I go to see the 10:30 p.m. game! Their front door will be left unlocked until my return. At the arena, I sit with my son’s girlfriend and remember when my son was just a little hockey player! Although he’s kept up with ball hockey, this is the first year he’s played ice hockey (non contact league) since he was a youngster.

By the time the game is finished (the Grey Team wins, Yay), it is midnight. My son decides he needs nourishment and we all head to a café for ‘breakfast’. I finally arrive back at my friends at 2:00 a.m. and, feeling like a teenager, quietly enter the house, lock the door, and climb into bed!

It’s now Sunday ~ today! My friends and I share breakfast, I thank them for being so thoughtful, and then I’m off to pick up my son and his girlfriend for some time in the park and then out to lunch before I head home.

At the park petting zoo, a goat seems to be reminding me it’s the last day of Spring Break, and he's not 'kidding'…baah baah


The day is slightly overcast, but not bad. The daffodils are still blooming, the wallflowers are not yet out, but some of the trees have blossomed.


I arrive home at 6 p.m. Still 12 hours until the alarm goes off!


  1. Goat with purple ribbon? Hehehe.. that's so cute!

  2. Thanks for the mention!
    It's good to see that having been busy attacking the garage you then spent some time relaxing enjoying yourself!
    Have a good week! xx

  3. Well! It looks like you've made very good use of your time! I love a good purge of the garage where things inevitably accumulate. Well done, you :-)

  4. Whew, that's a busy but fulfilling weekend with family and friends you had. Those are the best!

  5. Hi Selby ~ I'm not sure what the purple ribbon was for ~ maybe he won first prize for something ;)

    Hi Flighty ~ I'm glad I made a difference to the garage ~ and yes, it was nice visiting friends and family...and I even survived today :)

    Hi Nikki ~ Thanks for the kind words :) There's always more to be done in the garage, but once started it's easier to stay motivated.

    Hi Liv ~ a busy weekend for sure ~ and it was a good ending to the spring I'm back at it!