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Monday, March 16, 2009

Not again!

After two lovely spring days, winter returned with a vengeance ~ wind, sleet and snow flurries with zero degree temperatures! Luckily during the warmer days I worked out in the garden tidying up and even finding the first touch of yellow tucked in the mossy grass! That's right ~ my first dandelion of the season!

On Sunday I visited a gardening centre and picked up a few plants to brighten up the window boxes, however yesterday they and I stayed indoors looking out at the cold, windy, snowy weather:

One of the plants I bought was a hellebore after seeing them on Louise's site. There's something about their muted colours that appeal to me ~ an old world look, I think.



Now here's my thought process as I looked out at the weather and pondered on Nikki's gorgeous blooming flowers in her garden ~ I wondered how far away her roses were. It turns out the distance is about 1300 miles south. My mind thinks ~ "I wonder how that compares to the length of Britain?" which leads me to google again. The next thing I find is a fascinating journal which I downloaded (free) of a couple who walked from Land's End to John O'Groats (1120 miles) ~ and that is how I spent the rest of my snowy day ~ reading their journal!


  1. I used to always get my mum a bunch of dandelions from my visits to the park. I later realised they were called 'pittley-beds' and yet that never stopped my mum from putting them in the vase.
    losed the flowers and the wet window and snow in the background... relaxing tones that accompany it!

  2. Isn't it funny how one link and an idea leads to another and another? Seems you've made some mighty tasty lemonade from the lemony weather!

  3. Spring is taking way too long to arrive this year!

    I like measuring distances against each other. Often saying that as it takes 11 hours to drive from Dallas to El Paso just to get out of Texas, if you started in London and drove north you'd fall off the end of Scotland at that rate.

    Speaking of which, one of my ancestors walked alone from John O'Groats to Land's End a long time ago.

  4. Oh no, I do hope that's not a sign of things to come here!
    My mum was quite happy to let daisies and dandelions grow in her lawn.
    That end-to-end UK walk link looks interesting so I've bookmarked it.
    I hope that the weather soon improves so that you get a few decent days this week on your Spring break! xx

  5. Thanks for the link to my site Glo, and I am pleased I gave you the idea to go and buy a hellebore. I want more for my garden, to fill up gaps which appear during the winter months. x

  6. Hi Daffy ~ Oh yes, the little bunches of dandelions scrunched in tiny hands ~ I received those too, and put them in little vases. The song in the background to my video was Chi Mai by Ennio Marricone. It just happened to be playing when I took the video and I thought it fit quite the end the timer on my oven started beeping so that's why it came to a sudden stop and pulled me out of my reverie!

    Hi Nikki ~ Yes, on a day like yesterday, it was a perfect day to follow links :) Your citrus-y comment has me wanting California weather and a cool lemonade:)

    Hi Liv ~
    You're right about Spring ~ whenever it tries to 'spring on us', winter leaps back in the picture! Wow that is a long drive to get out of Texas ~ a BIG state of course! I laughed when I thought of driving off the end of Scotland. That's great to know that one of your ancestors walked all that way alone! I wouldn't mind walking on one of the 'walks'.

    Hi Flighty ~ I'm glad to say there's no sign of snow today, and the sun managed to peep out for a time. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit sunny too, followed by rain until the weekend, which shows sign of sun ~ hopefully! I hope you have good days so you can have fun at the allotment :)

  7. Apparently while walking, he composed a once-popular song about it.

    My grandmother would remember.

  8. Oh, Liv could you ask her?? That would be so interesting ~ and something that could be passed down to generations to come :)

  9. Ooh, guilty. I have lost touch with her since leaving London.

    She was scaring me lately, actually. In short, she has never been a nice person but I used to make an effort until she got too much....

    I do have the majority of the family history, she wrote it to me in letters years ago, but she didn't know the song herself.

  10. Agree with you about the Hellibore. They look like they use old paint colours, like wallpaper in the early 1900's or something, they're classic yet not quite of this time.
    Hope the weather perks about a bit for you soon.