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Saturday, March 7, 2009



Last weekend I met Bentley,
a cat with attitude.
I reached down rather gently
to check his current mood.

His eyes were not inviting
explaining what ensued.
It seems he fancies biting,
especially finger food.



  1. I do like the cross pawed pose...very cool-cat.

    He looks like a big cat....reminds me of the first cat I remember as a child, a smart Siamese cross called Sam who could open doors by jumping up and hanging on the handles.

  2. Hehe, I thought his eyes looked a little like warning beacons.

  3. He's a real chunky chops isn't is! I've met a few like him in my time! xx

  4. Not a nibbler, huh?

  5. Hi Nic ~ Yes, the pose is rather appealing, isn't it? It belies the nature of the beast, LOL ~ What a great memory of your childhood door-opening cat! They are amazing creatures!

    Hi Liv ~ A great description of his eyes ~ warning beacons...LOL ~ that coupled with the size of the creature!

    Hi Flighty ~ Chunky chops indeed ~ although I think he'd prefer to think he had a ruff rather than a double chin! ;)

    Hi Nikki ~ Didn't feel like a nibble! Luckily its crossed paw pose redeemed him :)

  6. Hi Bentley.... you look so adorable! :)