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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Blog Birthday

First of all I'd like to give a big thanks to Flighty for helping me celebrate my first blog birthday, and also to thank him for the reference to Frog Ponderings and all that has evolved from Frog Newton and the gang. What fun we've had! Who knows what is to come?!

I decided to look back through my photos to find a special one for my first blog birthday. I found a photo of the sweetest cat I have ever personally known! He came to live with us when his human family had to move to a place where no pets were allowed. Lots of combing and brushing! He had a lovely nature. Here he is out on the back steps looking purrfectly content!


Thanks again Flighty for your special friendship and for introducing me to many wonderful blog friends!


  1. Congratulations! Happy First Bloggaversary! And you're a pro already.

    Here's to another year of top notch material from Ms Glo!

    I really love the pic of that cat. I bet if you look up "contentment" in the dictionary, that is the picture you will see.

  2. Hi Liv ~ Thank you and welcome to the party! Well, it's just you and me at present, but we're both in good company ;) Hopefully spring (if it ever gets here) will offer many opportunities for photography that I can share.

    We have had a few dogs over the years, but this was the only cat that I've lived with. Nice way of defining "contentment" ;) Thanks again and so pleased to have shared the past year with you :)

  3. Oh, happy happy bloggaversary! I've so enjoyed all the glimpses of your life in your corner of the world. So much beauty and fun and wide open spaces. And i've also loved all the extra fun in your gifs-- froggy and otherwise :-)

  4. Hi there Nikki ~ Lovely comment and thanks so much for sharing this year with me. Your wonderful blog continues to be an inspiration ~ stopping to smell the roses in your garden has kept me going through this crazy weather, and enjoying the escapades of Em, Minou and dear little Sam is fun! Hope Roomie is getting through those courses and will be able to come up for a deep breath soon!

    Glad you have enjoyed my 'giffing around' as well ;) Party on!

  5. You're so very welcome! Your blog has been a constant delight with many a smile.
    I'm sure that I can hear that cat purring with contentment. What a life!
    When I talk about blogging I always say that it's enhanced my life with friendships such as ours, which indeed is rather special! xx

  6. Dear Glo, your first bloggaversary! Happy Birthday Glo's Blog!;-)

    Love the cat and it's such a great pic too. My first kittycat was a Persian/Longhair as well. My Chuck was blue and, like yours, a delight to live with. Gentle doesn't begin to describe them.

  7. Party on, Duuuuudes!

    (quote from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)

    Yes, we are all in good company. Remember the image I put in your head about marching around in our pyjamas wearing socks? Heheh! Whenever we get together in my imagination, it's a silly as that, although if we did in real life I'm pretty sure it would be a highly civilized Teatime or something.

  8. What? this is the first year? Wow! And you got so many beautiful pics and nice posts.

    Happy 1st blog b'day! Hope you will blog and blog for years ahead :)

    That cat is so cuteeee.... send a hug from me please!

  9. Hi Flighty ~ Your encouragement sent me off to blogworld in the first place, so it's good to be able to celebrate a year and you still like my posts! Thanks for the kind words :) The cat did go back to his original family again, and he was a miss! That was many years ago now. I have another photo of him looking like he was untying a gift bow under the Christmas tree.

    Thanks again, Flighty :)

    Hi there, Yolanda! Thanks for coming by to wishm me happy first bloggaversary ~ Nice to know that you had a cat like this lovely white Persian, too. He was so soft and cuddly.

    BTW as I walked home by my driveway, I noticed some tulip leaves, hyacinth bulbs poking out, and my first daffodil is thinking about opening ~~ quite far behind with spring this year!

    Hi Liv ~ Now you've planted that PJ picture in my head again! LOL

    Yay, a PJ party! Perhaps to be on the safe side we should wear our 'normal' clothes on top of our PJ's and socks, have a cup of tea all civilized-like, and then play poker??? Haha Thinking of you and your interview tomorrow! Just one more sleep, as the kids say and then waiting for the interview will be over...then the waiting to hear starts....

    Hi Selby ~ Thanks Selby for coming to the birthday party :) I'm pleased you enjoy my photos and posts...I'll keep them coming :)
    Yes, it was a lovely soft cuddly cat :)

  10. Happy 1st Blog Birthday Glo! This cat is just too sweet and must have been an absolute pleasure to have around the place. I love the expression on his face! x

  11. Glo, I wish I would have come to this entry earlier but I am happy to learn of your blogging birthday. It certainly is something to celebrate. I know I have enjoyed your lovely and entertaining entries. I wish you all the best in this next year.