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Friday, January 8, 2010

To the Rescue

After reading many blogs from the UK, I am reminded of our winter last year! We were covered in feet of snow and I even bought a new pair of boots and snow shovel for this year.  However, there's nary a flake to be seen!  

Flighty has shared snowy sights of his Allotment plot and included links to some other wonderful wintry blogs in his post.  Nic shows us on his terrific photo site a link to an air shot of the UK blanketed in snow! 

I would also like to add a few more sites to indicate how winter has enveloped the whole country and beyond. Uphilldowndale's site is amazing! She has a special way with photos and takes many opportunities to catch some breathtaking shots. Don't just stop at the one post that I've linked to ~ take a wander through her others posts ~ and meet Spud, her lively 'snow' dog!

Yolanda's Bliss from the Netherlands is another blog that I love to read. It's always entertaining and is often embellished with delicious sights and sounds! Meet Tara on her site, another dog who relishes the snow!

Back in England, Midmarsh John is inundated with clientele at his Birdy Bistro and is concerned about the possibility of running out of bird seed if this wintry weather persists! Meet his dog Bobby on his site!

Lovely blogs ~ with lovely dogs.

Hmmm, blogs, dogs...rhyme time.


Edit to add:

Thanks to Midmarsh John for giving me the OK to post this little Photoshopped picture I did of a "Bob(by)-sled".



  1. Oh what a wonderful poem! I've started work on a piece of felt inspired by your dragons back poem. It may have to wait a few weeks before I can return to working on it to it.Sigh.

  2. One upside to this weather of ours is that it's given us plenty to blog about and photograph!
    Thanks for the linked mention, and I love the poem! Flighty xx

  3. Thanks UHDD ~ I'm glad you enjoyed the poem, and I'm thrilled to hear that you are working on a felt piece. I can understand why it has to be put by for the moment, in the meantime keep those photos coming :)

    Hi Flighty ~ Well, I think the English are known for the topic of weather, however, the type of weather you are having is such a biggy that everyone's talking about it! Pleased you liked the poem - I have added a picture :)

  4. Oh, I saw that satellite image, too, and was AMAZED. Meanwhile, I've had to turn on the sprinkler system again. Usually, it gets a break during January, but we haven't had any rain yet.

    And your poem has delighted again (even when dealing with treacherous roads and frozen ponds).

  5. A brilliant poem Glo, as is the picture though I daren't show it to Bobby ;) Many thanks for the link.

  6. What a brilliant poem Glo, how clever you are, I think you have excelled yourself with this one and with the 'Bob(by)sled, now if only John could have been riding in it...!!

  7. Hi Nikki ~ You seem to be experiencing continuous summer down there in Southern California, and while the temperatures up here are milder than they were (around 8-10 C), it has been dull and wet! Nothing like last year's snow load, so really can't complain - although more sun would be wonderful!

    I'm glad you enjoyed my poem ~ what got me started on this one was John's use of all the bird sounds, and also his mention awhile ago about hitching up Bobby to get around! Thanks :)

    Hi John ~ Another photo of Bobby snuggled up fast asleep could have the caption, "Dream on!" with regard to any idea of pulling a sleigh! Thanks for including my efforts on your site as well :)

    Hi there ShySongBird ~ Many thanks for your kind comment :) The only photos I've seen of John were taken when he was camouflaged behind a bush in his back garden ~ other than his avatar, so I guess we'll have to just imagine that he was taking Bob(by)sled's photo ;)