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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 - Sharing the Load

This morning I baked 18 chocolate cheesecake cupcakes and after reading Nikki's comment about showing great restraint, I started thinking... what's a measly 18 cupcakes, get on with it! So I made a couple of large pans of double ginger crackle cookies with lemon icing drizzled on top.


Following the baking spree, I spent a few hours typing a summary of the information I needed to share with the new person in my job, and emailed it to her so she could look it over before I arrived. She also had questions for me.

It was good to see everyone since I hadn't seen them for a long time ~ a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was commonly agreed that they had been side-swiped by my decision to retire. It's important to add a little zing to life every so often, I say!

They were most appreciative of the goodies as they headed to their staff meeting, while I spent the next three hours reliving and sharing my workload with the new person at my desk. I was ready to retire all over again by this time (and I think she was too)!

Another step on the way to letting it all go...


  1. If that's being restrained then I'd like to know what you bake when you're not!
    I bet that they'll miss your goodies!
    Go on let it all go! Flighty xx

  2. I have baked tables full of stuff some days and nights! Apparently they are a bit concerned about the lack of goodies that will be forthcoming! LOL. Yes, I'm on my way to letting it all go ... a few other bits and bobs to get rid of, and then I can fly south or somewhere!

  3. There's nothing like writing down your job responsibilities for someone else to do to realize the enormity of your job. How nice that it isn't just for a vacation after which you get to resume your responsibilities!

  4. Nikki - That is so true, and of course there are a million other things that I didn't mention! It takes a long time to accumulate a wealth of work knowledge, but I'm sure she'll manage fine. She knows where to find me in the meantime! And yes, so nice indeed that I can say so long to those responsibilities!