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Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day

The first day of retirement - I woke up with the dawn
and didn’t close my eyes again. I got up and put on
some comfy clothes, my slippers too, had cereal and toast.
I checked my emails, and the blogs and read near every post.

I stripped my bed from top on down and washed the whole darn pile,
then played the piano for a bit – I hadn’t for awhile.
I looked outside and saw some birds just dancing in the rain.
I didn’t fancy getting wet, so inside I remained.

At noon I thought I’d take a break, and sat down in my chair.
The fire’s warmth was all it took for me to linger there.
It’s funny how the time can pass when leisure-time you choose,
for sure enough two hours fled by when sitting turned to snooze!

My son phoned up to say that they’d be dropping by at six.
I flew down to the grocery store to see what I could fix.
I bought some local halibut and salad makings, too;
crisp breaded fish with almond crust, a change from turkey stew!

The emails started coming through, not too long ago ~
Surprise at my retirement because they didn’t know ~
and thanking me, and missing me, and oh, my throat did ache
and yet I know this time’s for me. It wasn’t a mistake.


  1. Sounds like a nice first of retirement day except the throat ache :)

    Well, as long as you have a hobby or hobbies, retirement days would be fun and nice.

  2. It seems that it didn't take you long to get in the swing of your new routine! Enjoy, Flighty! xx

  3. Did your collegues not know you were leaving?
    Aw, well presuming the throat was aching through tears... (I only say that because that's what happens to me. I get the worst pain in my throat when I watch the Green Mile!)Let them be shed and then start living your days! Snoozing is fine... actually to be fair, it wasn't really your fault... you just sat down for a break....
    *hugs* enjoy!
    Lovely verse!

  4. Hi Selby ~ Thanks, I don't think I'll have any problem filling my days ~ I have some 'projects' I want to get on with, and then I'll go from there.

    Flighty ~ Thanks, it's good to have some time to myself ~ I don't plan on napping during the day, however! It's just that I woke up so early! Not today though ~

    Hi Daffy ~ No, not too many people knew I had decided to retire. Yes, the aching in my throat was due to the emotion I felt receiving the emails. That's right, the snooze was just a rest since I had such an early morning. Glad you enjoyed the verse :) and Thanks.

  5. Love your poems about every day -- or special days like the first of many retirement days :-) You're so right about time flitting by even when you're at leisure.

  6. Thanks Nikki for your lovely comment :)