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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Taking Retirement to Heart

Yesterday, my brother visited me and gave me a card with the following retirement message:

Relax and
Enjoy the ride
Try something new
Imagine the possibilities
Remind yourself to play
Expect adventures
Make new plans
Entertain a few wild ideas
Nap without guilt
Take time just for you

For all you've done and all you've achieved, wishing you the time of your life...

I'm going to take the message on this card to heart!

A few of my heart things ~

Earlier this evening a friend phoned and asked what I was doing, and I replied that I was getting ready not to go to work tomorrow. She thought that was really funny!


  1. haha! It's gonna take you a while to get rid of the habits of preparing for work so I think preparing for the day as a retired lady is a good way to break you in gently.
    Love the hearts my dear they are really good and that is one thing that I associate with you... a good heart! Enjoy the days.

  2. A very appropriate retirement message.
    Love the last comment, reminded me of Bing Crosby: Busy Doing Nothing which can be seen here:

  3. I like all those, they're all worth taking to heart and I do most of them! xx

  4. Hi Daffy :) Yes, I have taken this first day to take stock ~ inside, as it was pouring all day. I thought I'd go to the beach just because I could, but I wasn't that interested in sloshing all the way there and getting soaked in the process. Perhaps tomorrow! I seem to have acquired many heart shaped things over the past few years, and now they seem to be my trademark! A good heart, thanks! Now just to stay young at heart, and I'm all set! Hope your day back at work was OK - getting through the snow and all!

    Hi John :) Yes, I thought the message was quite encouraging ~ I really enjoyed the youtube of Busy Doing Nothing! Brought a big smile first thing in the morning ~ Thanks!

    Hi Flighty :) It's a pretty good list, isn't it? My work day would be done by now, so all must have gone well as my phone hasn't been ringing ~ :)

  5. Loving all this heartiness, Glo. Your heart collection reminds me of this blog I used to read -- the writer collected heart rocks around her farm.