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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Frog :)

I had mentioned to Flighty that with all the snow he was experiencing, he could perhaps build a snow frog in honour of Frog Newton...but then I felt really bad, because it was so terribly freezing cold!  However, now it seems his area has turned to slush, so to take away the pressure of trying to slap some slush together, I managed to locate the one I built either last year or the year before ~ the years fly by so quickly, who can remember!

Anyway here he is ~


and while I was searching for Mr. Snow Frog, I found one of my photo/tanka poems of a blue wintry day.


At the moment we have neither snow nor blue sky ~ just rain!


  1. I did try but my couple of attempts, with ever increasingly freezing hands, were rubbish! I was going to make the excuse that the snow was too fluffy or icy but felt that you'd know that I was telling fibs!
    Yours is brilliant!
    Anyway it's all gone now, but I will try again next time it snows but don't think that I'll be any more successful. Flighty xx

  2. Hi Flighty ~ Sorry you had to suffer the cold, but good for you for giving it a shot! Hopefully you won't get too much more snow and then you won't even have to think about the snow frog challenge :)

    The weird thing about my snow frog is that it just disappeared. I looked to see if it had fallen off, but no signs, so it must have been magical and hopped off ;)

    Hi Nikki ~ I bet it's the ONLY snow frog you've ever seen! Thanks :) LOL