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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Change in the weather

Another busy week ... and month... gone by, and here we are into October! It is a sunny weekend, after a week of crazy weather! A couple of gusty blustery nights blew summer right out of the sky... add two nights of torrential rain, and autumn has shown up with a burnished face!

In this photo taken last weekend, the mountain in the distance appears snowless ~


but this week, the first snow fell, no doubt during one of the heavy rainfalls down here at sea level ~


The gusts began last weekend when I visited a friend's retirement centre ~ I love the statue which seems to be all legs, feet ~ and toes ~


until seen from a different perspective ~


of course, moving to this angle, I was sprayed by the fountain' ~ I think I heard froggy chuckling!

Last weekend, I decided to make some apple sauce in my slow cooker crockpot, using the last of the apples. This turned out to be an excellent idea, as the aroma of apples, juice, dried cranberries, cinnamon and vanilla permeated the household ~


There just happened to be a roast of beef cooking in the oven as well, and somehow, one of my sons and his girlfriend, who live about 20 miles south, phoned to say they just happened to be in the neighbourhood and would like to drop by, timing it just as the roast came out of the oven. Obviously the aroma must have oozed out of the house and drifted in the breeze ~ I was pleased they were able to stay for supper.

There was enough roast beef left to make Shepherd's Pie the next day, but there was not one spoonful of applesauce left!

You remember Oakley, that I grew from an acorn? Just look at him ~ he's turning all autumny! Then his leaves will fall off, and he'll be a stick, whoops, I mean, a trunk, until spring! He's quite amazing!



  1. Beautiful autumn :)

    The apple sauce sounds so wonderful!

  2. A nice mellow autumnal post! I like this time of year with the fresher weather (!) and wonderful colours.
    Seeing Oakley I really must check out my even smaller mighty oak! xx

  3. Oh! That was very cool to see the mountains "suddenly" capped with snow. Your Oakley reminds me of a little stumpy plumeria my mom gave me. Someone had grown it from seed and she wanted me (gulp) to grow it up. It's all of 8 inches now with leaves about 10 inches long, looking a bit ridiculous, but very healthy. I realize fall is a busy time for you, but it's lovely to see some pics and hear about how you're doing.

  4. Hi Selby ~ Thanks for coming by and sharing some autumn applesauce with me! I have been thinking about you and hoping that you are OK after that devastating earthquake in your vicinity!

    Flighty ~ Yes, it is a lovely time for tinges of colour change, and now that the weather is sunny for the whole week, I hope to get some photos as the leaves change to golden...nice combination against the blue sky. Looking forward to seeing how your Oakley is doing.

    Hi Nikki ~ Yes, the mountain cap was beautiful ~ I think a lot of the snow will have melted already with this sunshine, so I'll have to take another photo. My Oakley likes the sound of your plumeria, and wonders what a plumoakia would look like ;) Hopefully, work will settle down a bit now that everyone is tucked into their classrooms and I'll be able to blog more often ... thanks for the kind words.

  5. What a lovely view you have there. All I can see is other houses. There used to be orchards in front and behind my property but they were turned into building plots.

    Oakley has cone on well this year. Look like he will need a bigger home soon
    It's a good job I am not in driving distance otherwise you could have ended up needing another chair at the roast beef banquet.

    Looking at the foot on the statue it reminds me of Gollum in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

  6. Mum's meal always taste the best! I love apple sauce on pork chops. The snow comes early in your neck of the woods. I hope not to see it here for a few months yet? Autumn is a lovely time of year for foliage colours. x

  7. Hi John ~ The view of the mountain is taken from the deck of a place my friends and I go on a Friday after school. Although I can see the mountain from an upstairs window, and have some nice fruit trees in the back garden, I can see houses too!

    Oakley is doing very well, and I know he should be planted in a bigger pot, or better yet out into the real world...but he will grow into a big tree so I'm not sure yet where he should live!

    LOL ~ Yes, roast beef is worth coming to dinner for, but I think the meal would need re-heating by the time you got here ...

    Yes, that frog foot was very hobbit like! A hobbit hoppit!

    Nice to see you Louise, and hope you are mending well! Homemade meals do seem to appeal to the boys and the kitchen (and fridge) is the first place they head to when they come by! Luckily we are having lovely fall weather again after a couple of days of heavy rain (and snow on the mountain). I bet it's gone by now...but it will be back! I'm enjoying watching the autumn colours change ~ lovely!

  8. What beautiful scenery you have there! Your roast beef has made me feel very hungry and I could almost smell that and the apples cooking!

  9. Thank you ShySongBird :) Yes, it is a lovely location ~ we're especially fortunate this year as we had a sunny summer and are having a gorgeous fall. Today, you would be smelling pumpkin pie cooking :)