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Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday once again, Flighty!

It's just past midnight and it's Flighty's real birthday! So, very quietly, I'm tiptoeing in to say


I'm sorry I had to delete the singing frog link from your pretend birthday post, but they were driving me bananas each time I turned on my blog ... I'm glad you were able to retrieve it on your blog entry.

Here are a few locals to wish you the best ~

Not to 'froget', here's another little song for you ~ Hope you have a lovely day!

Singing Frog

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  1. Many thanks for this lovely '...once again' post. I really like that card showing lots of my favourite things.
    There's no need to be sorry as I would have done the same myself! I was pleased to find the link though.
    The singing locals and frog are just great aren't they.
    I'm having a quiet day today and out to dinner and tea with friends tomorrow. That and all the fun here on the blogs is good enough for me!
    Thanks again! xx

  2. I'm pleased to hear you had a good day, Flighty ~ and nice to look forward to a get together with friends today. It was a beautiful golden day here for your birthday, with autumn leaves highlighted against clear blue skies. I'll try and get some photos up soon.

  3. It was dull and wet here so I mostly spent it sofa flying reading, along with tea and chocolate biscuits!
    Lucky you, I look forward to seeing the photos! xx

  4. I'm liking this progressive birthday celebration thing, Glo! You certainly go all out. First a pre-party to get us in the mood, then a fun post with funny things to listen to. Hope Flighty had a lovely time with friends and dinner out.