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Monday, October 19, 2009

Wind Breaking News


When last we heard from Flighty
the talk was of the sky,
and how his plants grew up there,
although he’s not sure why.

He said his plants had tubers,
like gingerroot and such,
and that he’s going to eat one…
a nibble…not too much.

The tubers grow so gnarly,
and taste quite sweet when raw,
much like a dug potato,
but crunchier to gnaw.

Suggestions are for steaming,
for boiling turns to mush,
but that is not the worst part!
They kind of make you... flush…

Although I’ve never had one,
Jerusalem, that is,
it seems a risky business -
Not mine, of course, but his.

Apparently the reason
is blowing in the wind,
and when I read about it,
I giggled and I grinned.

It’s not that I like rudeness.
I don’t like to be crass,
but picturing our Flighty
up-tubering in the grass…

And tentatively cutting
a slice, so very thin...
I rolled around in stitches
which nearly did me in.

There’s always something growing
on Plot One Twenty-Four,
but who would think an artichoke
would knock me to the floor?

It’s all because his flowers
grew up to be so tall,
shown in his lovely picture -
The rise before the Fall.


  1. It's lucky that I've learned to put my cup of tea down before reading blog posts! That's especially true of this one that has me sitting here laughing out loud at this hilarious poem.
    I think it's brilliant how you've read my post and then done this.
    My day couldn't have got off to a better start...thanks a million! xx

  2. Goodness me!
    Splurting everywhere!
    Your wit is non-matched that is a fact!
    Fantasticly funny!

  3. LOL, very good my dear and so very windy er witty! There are fartichokes growing at Bliss to but I haven't harvested any yet as they are just in their first year. It will probably be a blast to harvest and eat them next year. ;-)

  4. Goodness! I do know about inulin and the human digestive system that tends to have, um, difficulty with this fiber, but I have to admit never having read its effects in a poem. And with a breaking news screen capture, too!

    Flighty -- that is wise counsel about putting one's beverage down before reading Glo....

  5. LOL Flighty ~ glad to bring on a happy morning with a laugh out loud, which all started with your Jerusalem artichoke ... hard to resist such great material you provide! You're more than welcome. I'm waiting to hear how the tuber tasted!

    Hi Daffy ~ Hahaha ~ it's hard to read my screen with all this tea spluttering going on. I'll need a windshield wiper attached soon. ;) Glad you enjoyed the humour :)

    LOL Yolanda - Thanks and glad yoyu enjoyed it. I think the word fartichokes that Flighty wrote was the clincher that grabbed my muse. Yes, a harvest 'blast' is right ~ luckily your wind blows miles away .... ;)

    Hi Nikki ~ I couldn't resist that, now could I? Too much fun! Glad you enjoyed ~ I think the fragrance of your beautiful roses offsets any other scent in the air :)