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Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 4 - Finally Friday

It was another chilly morning, but no snow or rain. The first thing I did was check the back deck to see if there were more pawprints! Yes, indeed...followed again by a streak of fur high-tailing it off the sundeck!


Hmmmm....I will have to think of what to do about Mr. Sneaky. I guess I'll move the lounge chairs so he can't hide under them. How would you like to lie back and relax on one of these? Brrrrrrr.

Perhaps if you were a penguin...Photobucket

I decided I'd really try and get on with my walk to work today without any distractions. I was doing quite well until a lot of hippety-hopping happened on the trail. Not rabbits by any means, but about 6 tiny birds hopping around and darting here and there. They stopped me in my tracks wondering at first, what the movement was. I think I was in dozy land, and at first it looked like a moving path. I tried to get a decent photo, but this is the best I could do:


DayDateWeatherMin/SecPedometerDaily Ped.
1Feb 24 094 C overcast20.473259
2Feb 25 092 C cloudy20.57310114583
3Feb 26 090 C snowy22.53not checked10272
4Feb 27 091 C overcast21.07incorrect readingwrong setting

My time was a bit better than yesterday, but not as good as Day 1 or Day 2. I don't know what was wrong with the pedometer today, but the numbers didn't make any sense, so I will try and reset it properly tomorrow.
I think for next week's March to Work, I'll keep track of the timings myself, and only share if I improve my time enough to celebrate! I know it takes between 20 and 22 minutes to walk to work at this point! Once I get the pedometer figured out, that would be more of an interesting statistic ~ how many steps from when I leave home until I return.

I remembered to take a photo of the lovely blue sky on the walk home.


Because it was Friday, as soon as I got home, I got changed and drove my car for the first time since Monday, to meet my friends at the pub for our weekly gathering. I took this photo as I was leaving the pub, after about 1/2 jug of water with lemon :)


This is also the same location that 10 Orcas (Killer Whales) were spotted last week. In March, Orcas head north from Mexico, through our waters, on their long voyage to the Bering Sea. I've also just read this: Resident killer whales don't migrate long distances but range over specific areas off the B.C. coast and Washington State coasts and around Vancouver Island, feeding on local fish. The pods have distinct cultural and genetic identities.

Walking to work was a great way to finish off February, and I look forward to continuing next month ~ for a week and a half and then it will be Spring Break! Spring...did you hear that Winter???


  1. Oh, those icy chairs make me shiver! But maybe Winter has heard about Spring Break and will send you some lovely sunshine.

  2. Your sunset photos always make it LOOK warmer than it really is.

    Would you believe that yesterday it was 17C here and I wore only a sweater to the grocery store, but that it may snow tomorrow and currently my nose and toes are kewld?

    (I made up that last word...)

  3. Hi Nikki :) It's very encouraging to see Spring Break and sunshine in the same sentence. Let's hope you're right :) The snow is gone again, but it's still kewld. (Liv made up that word ;)

    Hi Liv ~ You're right it wasn't warm at all! How amazing that your weather was 17C ~ wow, that would be so welcome! More snow! Oh no! I hope someone so kewl will not be kewld for long ;)

  4. You're having such 'fun' with that cat! I think that you're going to have to pursue it with a water pistol!
    At least you know that the weather should be getting better over the coming weeks and come springtime you'll really be enjoying that walk.
    Those little birds look delightful with that yellow streak. From those to whales in one post is amazing really.
    Happy marching next week! xx

  5. Hi Flighty ~ I'm having a late night (early morning)!

    Yes, I will try and find a water pistol and have it at the ready for Mr. Sneaky! I noticed two beautiful varied thrush on the cherry tree today, but wasn't able to get a photo.

    I think those little scattery birds I saw were kinglets. They were very cute!

    You will see by my new blog entry, that I welcomed the new month with a march to the beach. ;)