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Monday, February 23, 2009

I did it!

Although it was a rainy day, I donned my raincoat and set off to see how long it would take for me to walk to work. My son came along to show me the route he recommended ~ 22 minutes from door to door. We came back a longer route on pavement which I could take if I rode my bike. We were gone for 50 minutes all told. I took my camera, but because it was raining I didn't want to get it wet ~ only one photo:


I did take another photo, but it didn't turn out well, so I must take it again because it is really a cute subject matter!

Later on I went into town and bought a lightweight backpack to hold a few things I will need to take when I walk to work each morning. Tomorrow is a Professional Development Day ~ no school for students, but workshops for me. On Tuesday I plan to start my new walking-to-work program!!

PS There will be no excuses.


  1. 22 mins is not too bad is it? I think that is a great idea. My friend at work and I often walk out at lunch time. (not forever!) and we cover a couple of miles and it takes us an hour...) I think our gobs are going quicker than our feet though!

  2. What a good idea to do a trial walk! I reckon that's a comfortable time for walking to and from work.
    I like your PS but feel that you might come to regret it sometime!
    Anyway good for you and happy walking! xx

  3. I catch the train to work, and walk to and from the stations, about 30 minutes in all. It is nice to catch some fresh air when being cooped up for the rest of the day. Fantastic shot of the ivy, it always looks lovely after a shower of rain. x

  4. Selby ~ thanks :) I am looking forward to Day 1!

    Hi Daffy ~ I think 22 minutes is just about right. I don't even have to start the day off earlier, because I am still on the same time schedule as my previous school which started 3/4 hour earlier. I will walk at lunch time as well to get the mail, as I usually picked it up on my way home in the car. Nice that you have a friend to walk with at lunch ~ that's very good exercise (feet and mouth ;) and I bet it goes quickly with the company.

    Now Flighty, I'm not going to do any regretting ~ there may be a day when I have a reason not to walk, but I repeat...there will be no excuses ;) hehe

    Yes, it was helpful to do a trial walk, and even though I hear it will be raining tomorrow, I'm not bothered! I have my raincoat and... there will be no excuses. (I think that's called self-talk).

  5. Hi Louise ~ I agree that the fresh air will be most welcome, especially now that it is lighter in the morning. I will enjoy checking out the gardens on my way through the neighbourhood, and will have my camera at the ready! You must have a long day with a train ride at both ends of it!

  6. PS Louise ~ thanks for the kind comment re my ivy photo :)