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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 2 - Robin and Rainbow

At least it's not hard to think of a title ;)

Day 2 started out much like yesterday, although this morning I remembered my camera and put my cellphone in my jacket pocket.

Today the road was wet, but the sky was dry, with the morning sun filtering through the branches.


The sun added sheen to the tendrils of a weeping birch.

I walked on along a narrow path where I had previously taking a photo of raindrops on ivy ~

"Good morning, Cat", I smiled. Cat was blinded by the sunlight and didn't even twitch a whisker!

The sky was busily changing its morning colours, deciding what to wear, and let me tell you that it contined this indecision all day...


More pathways ~

"Oh, hello Robin," I said. Robin just continued to stare ahead, as gentle raindrops began to fall. Perhaps he was contemplating a wormy breakfast.

Arriving at school, I turned to look behind me! I alerted the pre-schoolers whose door was close by! Three little ones popped their heads out and oohed and aahhhed!



1Feb 24 094 C overcast20.473259
2Feb 25 092 C some clouds20.573101

Well, I guess I did a 10 second dawdle taking photos (although I took most of them while I was still walking, hence a blur or two).

The day went by quite steadily inside, but outside the temperatures dropped along with hail, then snow began to fall, however by the time I headed home, it was all gone and just cold ~ 1 degree C and windy.

On with the hooded lined jacket, backpack etc. and set off for home. I kept my pedometer on all day until I got home.


It is obvious then, that I'm not sitting at a desk all day! There's about 8000 footsteps at work! I'll be a shadow of my former self in no time.

Now, you'd think that would be it for the day, BUT check this out: (click on the middle one in particular)


Day 3 tomorrow....ahem.


  1. Walking to work is an excellent idea. I used to cycle to my work which took me all of 10 minutes a day. It's such a good start of the day, wouldn't you say? Much better than sitting in a car and driving to work.

    Pedometers are addictive. ;-)

  2. Oooh I've been thinking, tomorrow could be...
    Jour Trois.... or perhaps Tag Drei?
    A little French or German might spruce up the title predictability for you.
    You are doing great! You are motivating me to not move about on my wheely office chair so much. I'm actually tempted to get up and walk to the filing cabinet!
    Well, what is that sparkly thing in the middle then? I can't work it out. I've squinted long ways and side ways but I'm not sure...
    Did the cat escape the blog? I tickled his chin last night and he seemed quite happy. I thought I heard him purring then I realised my tummy was rumbling! hehe
    Have a good day!

  3. You could always expand the titles so this one could be 'Day 2 - Rainbow and Robin'!
    I do hope that the weather today hasn't put a temporary halt to your excellent start! If not I'm looking forward to reading about Day 3. xx

  4. I'm bouncing along with you on this quiet walk :-) And much easier to admire a rainbow when one isn't driving!

    p.s., if I walked to work, I think it might take me a day or two!

  5. Hi Yolanda ~ Yes, I agree that walking gets the morning off to a good start ~ I think it would take me about 10 mins. to bike as well. I will try that a bit later on during the Spring on a clear day :) I have the bike route planned ~ there's more pavement and less narrow paths and trails.

    I think you're right about pedometers :)

    Hi Daffy ~ ahh, good ideas to spruce up my titles. I'll have a bit of a think!

    How far is your wheely chair from your tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. ;) Do you have a plastic mat under your wheely chair?

    I just meant that the photo in the middle shows how much snow was falling ~ I think that bright thing is a light for something...

    Mr. Skulky Cat has moved down on the blog page. He was getting a bit too interested in the bird photos ;) By the way, Mr. Skulky Widget cat does purr, meow and twitch his head and whiskers if you move your mouse around.

    Hi Flighty ~ Rainbow and Robin is a lovely addition to the title, thanks :)
    Day 3 is done :)

  6. I enjoyed hearing the robins hollering at each other today in the warmth, but they're bound to get quiet tomorrow as it will get cold again try to snow on Sunday.

    maybe I missed it, but how far do you walk to work?

    I can take the bus right outside the townhouse to go directly into town, but so far I have walked the 1 km to the metro and back again because it's so easy and a pleasant but brisk walk.

    So glad you captured the rainbow!