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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bed Socks for Flighty

For Flighty



  1. LOL, what a brilliant and fun poem. Flighty is going to love this one. And those socks, they are exactly right for him, down to the last detail. Well done and thanks for the laugh!

  2. Glo I do indeed love this one, which had me laughing out loud this morning!
    Many thanks for this wonderful fun Ode! xx

  3. "When beds are short and legs are long!"

    I imagined us all marching around in pyjamas and hats and socks reciting this together, like the cast of a pantomime.

  4. Oh dear. I CANNOT see Flighty wearing those socks!

  5. Liv that conjures up such a vivid image! xx

    Nikki why ever not? xx

  6. Yolanda ~ glad I was able to give you a laugh ~ I had a laugh as well! :) Yes, I think the Frog Newton socks would be great bed socks, and even offer a chance of toe wiggling if necessary :)

    Flighty ~ Glad you enjoyed your bed sock Ode just for you...your comment about toes sticking out of the bed was impossible to resist!

    Liv ~ let's go marching then ~ now who should wear which bed socks ~ hmmmm Lots of fun, and as Flighty says does bring up a vivid image ;)

    Nikki ~ Nos just use your imagination, and I bet you can see Flighty in those socks ~ haha