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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 3 - Snowdrop and Snowcap

Before heading up to bed last night, I wondered if my lone snowdrop was being sheltered by the overhanging Japanese Maple. Out I popped into the cold night and bent down to have a look. Awww...A snowdrop in the snow. She seemed no worse for wear, so back inside I came into the warmth, wondering this time what the morning would hold for me!

The morning radio announced that the school district to the south of us was closed due to heavy snowfall, however we weren't too badly off, so all was "go". So "go" I did. First I decided to go out on the deck to check the bird food situation ~ and what did I see but paw prints in the snow! As I was knocking the snow off the birdfeeders and adding more food, something shot across the deck! Mr. Sneaky!!! He had been hiding under the lounge chair waiting for breakfast! Unfortunately, I did not think to take the camera with me or I could have shown the evidence!

It was time to head to work. I put on my winter boots then added some 'treads' to the bottom of them, put on my hooded lined jacket, gloves, backpack and off I went for Day 3. Click.

My gloves have foldback tops that let my fingers peep out, which is handy for picture taking. I wish I had taken a video so you could hear the crunch, crunch, crunch as I crunched through the crispy snow. Here's a slide show of the first part of the walk:

Deer tracks:

Oh, look at Snow Cat ~ his eyes have a bit of a glaze about them, don't you think? He looks as if he's as stunned as the rest of us after weathering winter's return.

At this point I had to put my freezing fingers back into my gloves.

At last I approached the school, feeling quite invigorated.



DayDateWeatherMin/SecPedometerDaily Ped.
1Feb 24 094 C overcast20.473259
2Feb 25 092 C cloudy20.57310114583
3Feb 26 090 C snowy22.53not checked10272

As for the day at school itself, suffice it to say that circus music would have suited, in fact I'm sure I heard it playing somewhere in the back of my brain!!
What I didn't get a chance to take were photos of the beautiful blue sky that came out during the day~ blue and white, such a lovely combination. The students of course were delighted. Most of the snow melted away, except for in the shady spots, but it was still chilly walking home.


Does the sky hold promise of a clear day tomorrow? Only time will tell!



Day 4 is Friday and for all intents and purposes, month end :) Does that mean that next week I have to MARCH to work...?


  1. Hehehe.... cute snow cat... still siting at the same spot...

    I want that pedometer!!! :D

  2. Lovely shots, thanks for sharing. I'm especially fond of the snowdrop in snow and the snowed on cat.

  3. Oh my all very wintry again, I do hope that it's just a brief interlude before spring resumes!
    Checking on your snowdrop before going to bed shows a true gardeners devotion. Others may well call it something else!
    I love the cat photo with that somewhat quizzical expression.
    Happy marching next week! xx

  4. I think poor cat is looking cross-eyed at the lump of snow on his forehead :)

  5. LOL

    Continuing your play on words, the meteorologist on the news literally just said, "The colder air is on the MARCH"!

  6. Blogger Glo said...

    Blogger Glo said...

    Selba ~ That cat makes me grin when I see it still in the same spot each day! It's interesting to find out how many steps I take during the day ~ however, I have to reset it as it was giving readings that didn't make any sense ~

    Nic ~ Thanks so much for your kind comments. Yes, the snowdrop photo is kind of sweet, and the snowed on cat was pretty funny!

    Flighty ~ Yes, Flighty it seemed like winter all over again! There doesn't seem to be any more snow forecast for the near future ~ a bit sunny tomorrow and showers for next week. I was hoping that the snowdrop hadn't been bent over by the snow, but there she was standing tall (well, short!) You don't mean to say that it was an odd thing to do, walking out in the cold of night to check on a snowdrop, by any chance?? ;) I think it was more like enjoying photography rather than being a gardener that made me think of taking its photo ;) The look on the cat's face seemed to be perfect for his snow-cap! Marching music, please!

    Liv ~ I think I was replying the same time you were posting :) Yes you're right, he does look cross-eyed pinpointing in on that snow clump, and if he's not careful his eyes will stay that way! LOL (My mum used to say that to me when I was young and used to cross my eyes for fun) That's cool that all this playing on words is CATching. March on ...into Spring, hopefully!!!