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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow is in the air

...and on the ground ~ and everywhere else! Yesterday, we had about 4 inches of snow, the big flake, soft stuff. Overnight it was very windy, and by morning the snow had all but disappeared! This afternoon it had grown much colder, and I noticed tiny flakes falling... and tonight it is accumulating. My header shows what it looked like about 7:00 p.m. and it's still snowing.

This was the birdhouse on the back deck last night ~


Photos from 7:30 this Sunday morning ~


Views of the back ~

Views of the front ~

Nine inches and still falling ~ more photos later


  1. Fantastic shot, Glo! Like a Christmas card :-) And I like how you've made your own falling snow!

  2. Wow! I was so surprised when I came here this morning to see this!
    Much as it looks nice I'm grateful that we get very little here as it soon turns grey, mushy or icy and causes such chaos.
    Take care, and stay warm! xx

  3. Thanks Nikki ~ It's interesting to see the photo results depending on the time of day. The header was taken with a flash late last night, while the bluer ones were taken in the morning light. It's still snowing, although the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. I've taken more photos which I'll post later. The falling snow is compliments of Blogger, but adds a perfect touch for this weather!

    Flighty! Wow, is right ~ I was also surprised! I'm going to enjoy the moment, and hope they close the schools tomorrow! (Very rarely that they do, but one can always hope!) In the meantime my son has gone to dig us out! Hope you enjoy the rest of the photos and videos ~

  4. Even more wow! You've got a real winter wonderland there now! xx

  5. Beautiful... and you changed your template... really nice :)

    I miss snow... wish that Jakarta also is snowing but then we only are having rain.

  6. Haha, wow, look at that accumulation. Still looks somewhat wet, though.

    Only this evening on my way home I was wondering when we would have snow - not that I am wishing forit, mind! As it is, today it was nearly 10 degrees, sunny, and I left my jacket open.