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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Birthday Stroll

I thought I’d pick some posies from my garden
But when I went outside, I changed my mind!
The weather was so beautifully delicious,
I thought I’d walk to see what I could find.

At first I had a wander in the garden
And saw that Peony had opened wide!


A movement caught my eye. I think he saw me!
He quickly ran away and tried to hide.


The other day I heard the next door neighbours,
(Who seem to own this cat) shriek, “Goodness sake!
He’s bringing something in…Oh, no he isn’t!
Get rid of it! He’s caught a garden snake!”

But I digress ~ I better get a move on…
Wait! Look at Oakley! Now do you recall
I grew him from an acorn? How he’s growing!



One leaf is just as long as he is tall!


Let’s walk together now, and check the ocean!
A perfect time to go ~ It’s only six!
We’ll take some photos on the way and share them,
Especially if we get a varied mix!

Oh look at all the lilac in the gardens!
The darker blooms are opening at last!
Just breathe that scented air. It calms the spirit!
Let’s sniff each one as we go strolling past!

Now, here’s the path that leads down to the beachfront
No vehicles allowed ~ it’s just a trail.


Be careful on the steps! They're rather steep ones ~
Much easier going down ~ but hold the rail!


A glimpse of sunshine lapping at the tideline ~
A rocky shore, the tide still coming in ~
While little rocks are rolling with the water
In rhythm with the ebb and flow within.


Sweet birdsong filters through the trees and bushes,
But why are shorebirds nowhere to be seen?
A heron flies across the open water;


An eagle perches high atop a tree.

Let’s sit upon this bench and sense the wonder
Of nature’s beauty. Sharing this, I send
A wish for many years of love and laughter!
(I loved the post from Nikki, your dear friend!)


Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Roomie!


  1. A really lovely post Glo which I'm sure Beginninghere will smile at with delight!
    That peony looks wonderful, and I could spend hours on that bench watching the world go by! xx

  2. The little oak is certainly growing well. It's always exciting to watch a plant growing from such a small beginning.
    Beautiful lilacs and very nice to accompany you on your walk to the beach.

  3. Glo! How do you do it?! What a beautiful and poetic "walk". Those lilacs are simply lovely, something I wish we could have here so thank you for the bouquet :) And I always love to see the shore. What a perfect spot for that bench. Thank you for your thoughtful wishes and this delightful post!

  4. OMG... I've never seen Peony! Well, I meant the real one, all this time, I only see at those Chinese paintings. The Chinese people believe that Peony flowers can bring luck to get a husband for those single girls :)

    Ah.. too bad, the cat ran away...

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. A lovely stroll full of fresh views and fresh air! I'm with Flighty - that bench is so inviting!

    I smiled at the gangliness of your little oak! And about that snake.... please tell the cat to leave the wildlife alone... Those lilacs are in your garden?! (inhales deeply) Wow.

  6. It was lovely to have all of you come along on the Birthday Stroll!

    Flighty ~ I've been watching that first bloom on the peony each day to see it open, and then 'poof' it was open in all of its glory! The bench is located in a great spot, and it's usually where I sit when I get down to the beach (it has a great sunset view as well) ~ The really great thing about sitting there is that the busy world goes by 'behind' you, while nature is at the forefront :) It's a restful place...and once I even dozed off!

    Midmarsh John ~ Oakley has a spindly 'stick trunk' and I wonder how it can hold up anything! I keep thinking I should plant it somewhere but its mother is huge, so you can't just put it anywhere. It's still in the same pot that I planted the acorn! The lilacs are lovely, the darker purple ones just blooming, while the lighter ones are fading now ~ Glad to have you along for the walk!

    Roomie ~ My pleasure to write you a little birthday poem and I'm so pleased you enjoyed it ~ along with the walk to the beach, past all the fragrances of spring! It was a lovely afternoon and evening :)

    Selby ~ I'm so pleased you loved the peony, and thanks for the information about the Chinese paintings...and the interesting story about the luck they can bring! Haven't heard that before ;) The cat that ran away is the one that takes great interest in my bird feeders and, in fact, one day was sitting in the bird bath looking at the feeders! He also hides behind the flower planters peeking at the feeders! He's Mr. Sneaky!

    Nikki ~ Happy to have you along on the beach walk, and there are two other benches close by, so lots of seating for us all ~ wouldn't that be fun! Yes, poor old Oakley is rather gangly, but holds his head up just the same! I have one lilac tree in the garden (a light lavender coloured one) ~ there's another darker and younger one that's between the neighbour and I, but the others are growing in the neighbourhood. Mr. Sneaky Cat is quite brazen and seems to do as he likes, leaving the odd feather in his wake! He skedaddles when he sees me coming!

  7. Well I enjoyed every image. Lovely Glo. x

  8. What a lovely post! I love paeonies too, I just know for sure the cat you show is the same one that has been digging up my seed bed! How did he get over to London so quickly? hmm

  9. thanks for taking us all on this stress-releasing stroll. I believe I can still smell the my mind's nose, hehe!