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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rather Fishy!

For the whole fish tale, check beginninghere's post ~

My sonnet for Roomie:



  1. I laughed at Beginninghere's post and love the way that you commented on it there and done this wonderful complimentary post here. xx

  2. This is icing on the cake! I love your poem at roomie's entry -- and marveled at your amazing talent!

  3. Glo, I cannot stop laughing when I read your poem. Your poetic skills amaze me. Thank you again!

  4. Glo, is there a reason why you don't show up on my google reader anymore? Have you been tinkering?
    Funny poem!

  5. Hi Flighty ~ thanks ~ glad you like my response to Roomie's escapades ... although I don't know how 'complimentary' it really was... after all I did mention that she smelled rotten! ;)

    Nikki ~ I am so happy you enjoyed the poem ~ sometimes, I can't help myself!

    Roomie ~ It was my pleasure ~ I was happy to add some poetic humour to your fishy day!

    Daffy ~ I don't have a clue why I don't show up on google reader ~ is that RSS or something...I'm not up on blog bits ~ I don't think I've been tinkering ~ it's a mystery, but if I need to do something, please let me know!

    Glad you like the poem :)

  6. Remember in Victorian times they used to use rotten fish on gardens. Just imagine the pong! x

  7. This is great! Love the poem, esp. after reading the story behind it, and the picture is just too much!

  8. Louise ~ Thanks for the info, but eeww! Some of the fish fertilizer can smell quite pongy, but didn't realize they used actual rotten fish on gardens in Victorian days... When the salmon and herring spawn around here, the beaches give some idea of what that smell might be like.

    Rosezilla ~ Nice to see you :) Glad you enjoyed beginninghere's story and my poem :) I had fun putting the rose into the fish mouth...haha