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Friday, February 5, 2010


The doorbell rang and rang with all its might!
It must have been the middle of the night.
I dove beneath the pillows, hid my head,
refusing to get up and out of bed.

At last I wandered down and looked outside,
and then I saw the note and simply cried …
“In transit” on the tracking site display
did not suggest delivery today!

My laptop had been right outside the door!
A signature was needed, nothing more,
but, no, I chose to lie there and ignore
the ringing of the bell! I said before
that things can sometimes go from bad to verse,
but this time I felt bad enough to curse!
I kicked myself repeatedly all day
and even now, experience dismay!

Of course, he’ll come again without much warning,
but not, alas, until it’s Monday morning.

PS Note to self: No matter how enthralling the book is that you are reading, put it down and go to bed at a decent hour so that you can be alert in the morning!

On a lighter note, the first and only crocus in the front garden must have seen the delivery man even if I didn't:


Extra info: The grass-like, ensiform leaf shows generally a white central stripe along the leaf axis.
Ensiform: having sharp edges and tapering to a slender point; having a sword-like shape

If you look closely, you may see a rainbow on the horizon towards the right side.


Two other photos from today ~ the waves were lumpy, the wind was gusting, and the gulls were enjoying the thermals along with the churned up morsels on the rocky part of the shore.




  1. Aarrgh! indeed. I hate it when businesses don't say when an item is being delivered, even if it is only to say that it will be 24 to 48 hr or 3 to 5 days. Even more frustrating to have the weekend to drool over the expectation of a new toy ;)

    A lovely white crocus, signs of warmer weather round the corner?

  2. Oh, how annoying! You almost had it in your grasp, so near and yet so far! Loved the poem though ;)

    The Crocus is so pretty, how nice it will be when our gardens are full of Spring flowers.

  3. Never mind!
    It's good to see a crocus as the ones here need a few more weeks by the look of it.
    I was watching gulls soaring around in the wind this morning!
    Incidently is it still snowing on this blog? Flighty xx

  4. Well, it's a good thing Monday is coming soon! And hopefully, you will be right there to get your hands on that computer. And maybe enjoy another crocus :-)

  5. Hi John ~ Well, the weekend is nearly over, so now I'm not aarghing any more :) Yes, it can be frustrating not knowing when an item is to be delivered and I had been tracking it online, but I should have realized that someone ringing the doorbell might actually have something for me ~ like my laptop! I'll be ready tomorrow :)

    ShySongbird ~ Yes, annoying is right, but I think I was more frustrated with myself than anyone else! Glad you enjoyed the poem :) Spring is such a lovely time of renewal, I can hardly wait!

    Hi Flighty ~ It's still the only crocus in the garden, but I see green shoots! Yes, it is still snowing on my blog ;) Winter is still with us because the groundhog saw its shadow...snowing on the blog beats snowing on the ground ;)

  6. Hi Nikki ~ Yes, it's Monday tomorrow so I'm really looking forward to having my laptop delivered! There are a few signs of spring in the garden and in the neighbourhood, so hopefully spring is trying to push winter aside~