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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garden tour (mine ;)

I thought I'd better post this slideshow of my little 'garden tour' quickly to hide the photo of poor little gremlin rabbit cake!

There were quite a few signs of spring around the place ...


  1. All looking good! My mother loved peonies. Your iceberg rose is ahead of mine by the look of it!
    It never ceases to amaze me at how much plants change and grow day-to-day at this time of year. xx

  2. My peonies look just about the same stage as yours... though it will never bloom as beautifully -- I mostly grow it for the pretty leaves. Love the bright blue/purple of your primroses. And that apricot blossom shot is stunning against the blue sky. Happy spring!

  3. Hi Flighty ~ Thanks ~ I'm looking forward to seeing the peony again this year with all of its folded petals. I was pleased to see the healthy looking leaves on the roses since it was their first winter here, and such a harsh one at that. I think that's what makes Spring so exciting ~ actually being able to see it come alive!

    Hi Nikki ~ That's interesting about the stage of your peonies ~ your roses make up for lack of growth of anything else!! I also have some bright yellow primroses and some white ones ~ don't know why I didn't include them, but the blue is very vivid. The apricot blossom is the first to come out, and it is very sparse this year ~ I've only ever seen one apricot on the tree and it fell off! The hummingbirds seem to like that particular tree. Blossoms against a blue sky are a nice contrast, aren't they? I'm hoping to take a similar shot of the cherry blossom when it blooms.