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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Oddest Things

The oddest things that I have seen
Have not just been on Halloween.

I saw a man with billowed cape,
A fur-lined collar at his nape.
He surged across; his hat and beard
befit his style, perhaps not weird,

but in a tree, a silly schmuck
had chucked a table and it stuck.
Its spindly legs stayed stiff and true
to save itself from falling through.


A fungi-eating piece of wood
seemed quite delighted that it could
and yet this may explain the bumps
on trunks of trees and even stumps...

A witch and scarecrow took a chance
behind a shed; she looked askance -
I’ve lost my hat, that’s all, I swear...
Perhaps my shoes; it isn’t fair
There oughta be a consarned law -
I think there is...
Don’t clutch at straws...

As Halloween approaches near
A skeleton crew, an engineer
Is dead on track - All Hallows Eve,
No tricks or treats tucked up his sleeve.

A horse bedecked by bony hands
Is saddled up and there he stands,
Awaiting midnight to deliver...
My camera shakes between each shiver.

At last at home, I run inside
And then I stop – eyes open wide ...
What is that thing? A vampire bat?
A rabid squirrel?  Desert rat?



  1. A most delightful post that had me smiling when I read the words and looked at the pictures. Flighty xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Flighty! :)

  2. 'Tis SuperSquirrel(TM)! You are ever clever, Glo! It's wonderful your way of weaving in the ordinary with the, um, weird. It's clear you've had an enjoyable Halloween ;-)

    1. Yowks ~ SuperSquirrel(TM)! Thanks for the kind words ~ Halloween was a hoot ~ and weird. ;)

  3. Hahahahaha....BRILLIANT! I absolutely loved it, ESPECIALLY that fungus eating branch.xxxx

    1. A great response there, Snowbird! Yes, there are some strange, weird and wonderful things in this world!

  4. Great stuff Glo. Thanks for bring a smile to my face.