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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Splendiferous Coniferous

The small photo at the top is the view I see when I walk towards my postbox, and as I get closer I notice a tree changing into its autumn colours, and the large conifer dangling many splendiferous cones, each 15 cm long.



  1. That is a very nice view to have Glo and the cones are definitely 'splendiferous' :)

    I have just thoroughly enjoyed the poem on the previous post, when I first saw it I thought it was going to be impenetrable but it wasn't at all. I could 'hear' the accent as I was reading it.

    What has really made my day though, is the 'Silly Seals' video, I really felt I was in paradise throughout it! It was absolutely enchanting, I loved every second and oh, how I would have loved to have been you, standing so close to those beautiful creatures, how very, very lucky you are! Thank you Glo, that was such a pleasure and I smiled all the way through at their chattering :)

  2. Hi ShySongbird ~ Thanks for your lovely comment. They are huge cones and I have collected a few that have fallen. They open up a bit when indoors ~ I must take a photo to show the difference.

    I'm pleased you enjoyed the poem ~ it's full of so many wonderful word combinations and, as you say, not difficult to read at all, even with the dialect.

    I'm glad you found the seals enchanting as well. I'm sure I could have stayed for much longer ~ in fact I had much more video, but I thought I'd better not overdo it on my blog ;) Thanks again.

  3. I think I've seen those kinds of cones before, Glo -- they are striking in their length, aren't they? The ones I've seen are between 15cm to 30cm.

  4. They're somewhat larger than the cones I'm used to seeing! Your coloured 'autumn' is a nice touch! Flighty xx

  5. I'd love a big bowl of those cones, stunning.

  6. The Autumn colours are looking beautiful here too. x

  7. Hi Nikki ~ Your cones sound even more splendiferous-er ;) I've had a walk today picking up different types to compare species.

    Hi Flighty ~ They're the largest cones around here I've seen ~ and they're also little tiny ones from a different type of tree. Glad you liked my autumn colours :)

    Hi UHDD ~ I have put my cones, a few leaves, some chestnuts in a bowl just for you :)

    Hi Louise ~ It's pleasant to enjoy the colours, especially if there is a bit of blue sky ~ lately we have had gusts which are sending the colour twirling! Glad you are enjoying autumn colours as well where you are.