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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giraffe Fever

After reading Uphilldowndale's recent post "The Colour Purple", I found myself bobbing into Photoshop;)



I will never see the beach quite the same again ;)

It seems other people may have experienced similar giraffe fever, as there is a satchel or wallet available to coordinate quite readily!

I hope you are feeling much better, UHDD!


  1. That's wonderful, and I'm sure that it will make Uphilldowndale smile as much as it did me! Flighty xx

  2. Thank you so much Glo, this has given us much laughter, the best of medicine I think!

  3. Thanks Flighty :) I'm always happy to bring smiles ~ glad you enjoyed it. I had fun with it, too.

    You're most welcome UHDD ~ so happy it made you feel better and brought a chuckle or two ;)

  4. Hello Glo :) So sorry it has taken me so long to catch up with your lovely posts but I have just spent an enjoyable half hour or so looking through them.

    I loved the photo of the rainbow, that was beautiful!

    It was also nice to see the Autumn leaves against the blue sky.

    The estuary videos were enchanting such a lovely place to walk and you picked such peaceful music to go with them too.

    I was fascinated by the video of the Salmon running upstream, something I have never witnessed myself. Those Owl cakes looked delicious too :)

    The Steller's Jay is a bird I have never seen on any other blogs, I liked its crest.

    You excelled yourself with Gustav's poem, I loved it!!

    This post made me laugh :) A thoroughly enjoyable catch up Glo and I will try to pop in more regularly now.

  5. ShySongbird ~ Thanks so much for reading through my past posts and leaving such lovely comments :) I'm so glad you took the time to let me know that you enjoyed the poetry, photos and videos. :) Thanks again!

  6. Oh my this is good! You are gifted, Glo, gifted.