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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dragon Fire


  1. Your poem and sunset blend together beautifully Glo.

  2. That was really beautiful, Glo! What a very talented and creative person you are, you must have been a great inspiration to your students.

    I also loved seeing 'Deer Dora' (We had a Dora duck doorstop once which propped open the French door onto the terrace, unfortunately she got knocked over and her head fell off!! :) )

    The 'Frog and the Rose' was wonderful too.

  3. What wonderfully vivid images and words! Flighty xx

  4. Thanks so much, John. It was one of the most breathtaking sunsets I've ever seen, so it definitely aroused my muse! Glad you enjoyed it!

    ShySongbird ~ I'm happy to see you again :) and so pleased you enjoyed this post. Thanks for the kind words ~ I have had some great experiences with children when I was in the classroom ~ and was inspired by them as well :) Loved the Dora Duck image, however sorry to hear of its unfortunate accident! I guess it didn't 'duck' when it should have. Also happy to hear you enjoyed the Frog and Rose :)

    Thanks Flighty ~ I'm glad to be able to share the wonderful sunset sight and couldn't help but try to put words to it.

  5. Soothing music, stunning photography, and enchanting poetry. Just what a girl, or boy, needs after a very stressful few days at work! You are very, very talented Glo. x

  6. Thanks so much, Louise :) I just saw your comment, so I just wanted to say how much appreciate your kind words ~