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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday Sights and Sounds

Thanks to those who came back to read the addition of a poem to my previous post ~ and thanks to Flighty for linking to it in his blog.

Saturday was a beautiful day, so I decided to go for a walk to town on the newly paved trail. There are still sections of soft trail along the path as well. The trail is to encourage safer travel for bicyclists and pedestrians to school, town or places in between. At one point it became quite busy! When I returned, I made my first youtube video ~ which is comprised of some photos and one video of sights along the way.

Here's a video I made to show one of my garden visitors yesterday ~ the red-shafted northern flicker

Last night there was a lot commotion as the flicker family seemed to be in distress. I'm not sure what was going on but I did capture a short video on the power lines. For one moment the flicker landed on the chimney and the echo of the distress echoed down the flue ~ that's what prompted me to go outside to check it out.

After all the carry on and since it was close to sunset, I thought I'd take a drive down to the beach and see if any more of the vintage cars were visible. I found some in a hotel parking lot...


and the sunset was so pretty that I took some photos to make another panorama. It turned out quite lovely except for a seam that I couldn't adjust satisfactorily. As it was getting very late, I gave up and did this ;)



  1. Hi Glo, it's the prodigal blogger back to say hi!

    I like the red and green cars side by side. We are totally looking for vintage cars for our wedding, no limos no way :-)

    How've you been? I am going to try, really, to revive the blogging a bit.

  2. You're welcome!
    Reading this post over breakfast, cereal with some of my strawberries, was the perfect start to the day!
    That's a great line up of vintage autos.
    I wonder what the bird commotion was all about.
    Love the sunset photos! Flighty xx

    Hello Liv! xx

  3. Hi Liv ~ great to see you here. I'm so glad to hear from you. You must have ESP. I was just thinking about you last night as I was fiddling with my blog layout and saw your name on my blog list :) Glad to hear that wedding plans are underway and that all is well! I'm doing great thanks, especially now that I have retired ~ a life of leisure is awesome!

    Hi Flighty ~ How nice that you have strawberries for your cereal. Mine aren't quite ready yet, but soon, I hope. Apparently there were 600 vintage autos in town on Father's Day. I don't know what was going on with the birds...I think it's a possibility that the young ones were causing their parents some anxiety. The sunsets are lovely ~ I really should go down there each night!

  4. Hey Glo! - enjoyed watching the pony take a roll and looking down that amazing bike path. Also liked the car shot - great lighting.

  5. I enjoyed seeing that flicker in action, Glo. Such pretty markings -- kind of a heart on its chest.

    Couldn't get the youtube thingy to work, but it is probably my computer. Looks like you are certainly enjoying the summer evenings.

  6. Is that a deer on the road? No it's Dear Glo filming her adventures :)

    Sorry to have missed commenting on your June posts, Glo. I am forever struggling to keep up with blogging!

    I enjoyed all the videos particularly the one of the colourful flicker, what a striking bird it is.

    Coincidentally, on Father's day here, we had a procession of vintage motor bikes passing our house on the way to their annual meeting not far from us. Husband and I call them the 'pop pops' for obvious reasons!

    I loved the poem by the way, you really are clever with words :)

  7. Hi Roomie ~ Glad you were able to see the youtube and the rolling pony - I liked the fact that its reflection was visible in the pond as well. Often there are white geese in the farmyard, but not that day! The vintage cars were parked right across from the beach, so with the sunset and street lights, the photo did turn out OK. Thanks :)

    Hi Nikki - Yes, the flickers are beautiful birds, especially in flight with their colourful markings. I thought it looked like a heart shape on its chest as well :) It is interesting that they are woodpeckers that hammer at the ground eating ants, rather than preferring trees. The only time they are not appreciated is when they hammer at my chimney!

    Hello ShySongbird - Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I know how difficult it is to keep up with blogs and comments, but do appreciate you taking the time to stop by :)

    The flicker is quite a large bird as well - the biggest that comes into the garden anyway, although blue jays are also a decent size.

    I am glad you enjoyed the photos and videos which show give some idea of my environment and activities.

    Those vintage motorbikes must have been something to see (and hear!) as well. I always appreciate seeing vehicles that someone has taken pride in and looked after so well.

    Also, glad you liked my poem :) I