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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday, Blue Sky, Birds and Butterfly

At last a blue sky day ~ what a treat!


I spent this gorgeous day mostly in the rose garden. It's amazing how many (3) wheelbarrow loads of weeds can accumulate during the rainy weather. I even weeded behind the shed and placed some red cedar shavings along the pathway. Seeing Nikki's beautiful roses on her website in California encouraged me to start a rose garden of my own a couple of years ago. Of course it's nowhere near the bountifulness or beauteous nature of Nikki's, but it is exciting for me. Flighty wished Nikki a happy birthday on his blog, and I send my best wishes as well ~ here are some freshly baked cookies and a couple of roses from today. Happy Birthday Nikki ~ I hope you are enjoying your trip!


Yesterday afternoon while I was looking around the back garden, I was nearly dive bombed by a couple of hummingbirds. There is a vast number of honeysuckle blossoms at the back of the property ~ plenty for everyone! However, apparently that's not how the hummers look at it. There was room for one, and one only. They were so quick it was difficult to capture a photo, so this is the best I could do. At first I could hardly find them through the foliage when I downloaded the photos. On the photo at the top left, the hummingbird's expression seems to show its determination!


Today, while weeding, I saw dragonflies, butterflies, and lots of wasps! I steered clear of the wasps; the dragonflies didn't land anywhere near me, but I did manage to catch a Swallowtail butterfly stopping for a sip!


...and...if you wish to see a diary and some terrific photos and video of baby blue tit birds in a nest box getting ready to fledge, check out Shirlsgardenwatch!


  1. Good to see you had a change in the weather. It's been good here as well, just perfect for looking at aeroplanes which I've been doing and will post about in a week or so.
    Apart from the weeding aspect that looks like my kind of day, especially sampling a freshly baked cookie or two!
    I always do a double take when you mention hummingbirds as I always think of them as a tropical bird!
    Thanks for the mention and the link to Shirl's terrific bird blog. Flighty xx

  2. It really does raise the spirits to see some sunshine and blue sky. How great to have humming birds visiting your honeysuckle.
    The mixture of wet and warmth certainly brings on the plants but especially the weeds.

  3. Hi Flighty ~ Yes, great to see the sunshine and more for the next few days as well. I'm glad to hear your weather is good as well...interesting about the aeroplanes, and I'll look for the post about them :) Were they celebrating the Queen's birthday?

    Luckily most of the weeds came out easily because of the damp ground but it kept me busy!

    You'd be welcome to share the cookies (if you shared in the weeding ;))

    Hummingbirds are very common around here, and the ones in my garden seem to hang out in the apricot tree. Although I don't get any fruit, the sticky sap may appeal to them. I usually make sure I have various plants that they enjoy.

    You're welcome for the mention ... and glad you like the bird blog.

    Hi John ~

    Indeed the sunny days brighten things up in all ways. After spending a fair bit of time in the garden, it's nice to take a rest on the sundeck with a book and a cool drink! (camera at the ready)

    The hummingbirds will also fly to the plants on the sundeck as well and the whirring of their wings let's you know they're there...they are amazingly zippy!

    I felt like I'd accomplished a lot yesterday -- of course I was out there for 6 hours! Today, I took it a little easier.

  4. Glo, I am so impressed with your photography, postcard style. You could set up in business. x

  5. Thanks so much Louise :) Perhaps I will!