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Friday, April 2, 2010

Mr. Bluster - the Weatherman



Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. A great poem Glo. All that delicious food is making my mouth water.

  2. I like the poem! Like John I'm finding all that food looking quite mouth watering!
    Happy Easter! xx

  3. There really is only one, or two, things to do when the weather is like this, bake and eat! I'm especially impressed with those home-made hot-cross buns. It's a great poem, and so true. Happy Easter Glo! x

  4. very beautiful pictures on your blog! i like the trees and flowers! very well done :)
    greetings from germany,

  5. I love this -- so descriptive of what you must feel like under your roof, listening to all the racket outside.

    It's only breezy outside today, enough to send all the neighborhood wind chimes tinkling.

    Hope you enjoyed Easter with family and all your goodies.

  6. Thanks John ~ There were some tasty morsels, there all right! All gobbled up now by the crew :) It was the kind of weather that cried for comfort food! Hope you had something tasty over Easter as well.

    Hi Flighty ~ Glad you enjoyed the poem, too. After I've seen and read about all the power outages because of the wind storms, I'm amazed that ours stayed on otherwise the uncooked goodies wouldn't have been very mouth watering at all! Hope you had a relaxing Easter.

    Hi Louise ~ Bake and eat and eat and eat! Yes, that's what happened! I'll put up the link for the hot cross bun recipe in my next post. Glad you enjoyed the poem and hope you had a lovely Easter :)

    How nice of you to drop by, Daria, and for your lovely comment. I'll pop over to your site :)

    Hi Nikki ~ I'm happy to know you enjoyed the poem and contents. The two day wind storm knocked down a lot of trees and power lines, and at one time I think there were 93,000 without power on the island! I was one of the fortunate ones :) Hope your Easter was wonderful.

  7. That should be 23,000 households without power, not 93,000!