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Sunday, April 11, 2010

More of April's Pleasures

Each spring I take photos as the buds unfold ~ but even though the photos may look like ones from previous years, they aren't the same flowers! They're new and must be celebrated! Today I renewed my annual membership at the woodland gardens and spent a pleasant interlude wandering through, checking out the early spring blooms. It was a perfect spring day with just a sunshiny breeze. I could hear frogs, but no sign of any.

Here's a sample of what I did see:



Later I had a stroll around my garden and realized that the blossom on the pear trees are opening! I wasn't the only one interested in that fact:


My tastebuds are remembering succulent cherries and divine pears! But no need to hurry Spring along ... I'm happy to enjoy the blossoms.

Yesterday, I drove north along the island highway and became aware of something else that reminded me of April ~ I'll be going back tomorrow to check again... in the meantime here's a glimpse ...


  1. Sounds the Spring is so nice with all the flowers :)

  2. What a lovely place to visit and see and celebrate woodland flowers. I used to be a member of the Huntington Library and Gardens, but the miles (40 of them) kept me from visiting too often. Enjoy your sunshine and blue skies and lovely blossoms!

  3. It's such an enjoyable time of year!
    What's the colourful bird on the tree?
    I like the thought of cherries and pears... lucky you!
    Sadly the Snowbirds aerobatic team have never visited the UK! Here's a photo of three of them you might like
    Flighty xx

  4. Hi Selby ~ It is a beautiful spring and with the clear sunny weather the flowers are looking better each day :) The fragrances are lovely too!

    Hi Nikki ~ I'm looking forward to seeing the changes in the woodland garden as spring progresses. There is a plant sale on Friday, so I may go and see what's there. I can understand not renewing a membership since yours was so far away, but I bet you enjoyed going. Weather is still bright and beautiful, so I'm enjoying the blossoms for sure :)

    Hi Flighty ~ The colourful 'bird' on the tree is a close-up of a bee's posterior ;) The blossoms just keep on blooming and I'm just crazy about them :) Thanks for the link to the terrific photo of the Snowbirds! Mine, of course, aren't so up close and personal, but hopefully you'll like the next post.