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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have Turkey, Will Travel and the Gong Show!

On Easter Sunday, the Turkey was strapped into its seatbelt and headed down the highway, along with the Cranberry Sauce, Hot Cross Buns, Loaf, Sweet Potato Casserole, Asparagus, Carrots, Potatoes, and Pumpkin Pie.


Since I am no longer restricted by work schedules, I'm free to travel to those who had work responsibilities on Monday. It was great to get together once again with my sons and brother who all gobbled down the turkey and trimmings.

Louise mentioned that she liked the look of the hot cross buns. The history of hot cross buns and the recipe from The Vancouver Sun that was recommended to me -  link is here.

So, fortunately, for all concerned, the power did not go out here during our intense wind storms, although apparently 23,000 households had power outages on the island. Trees and branches landed on power lines, and did a fair bit of damage as well.

There has been another visitor on the roof this week! I heard the craziest sound, like a gong echoing down the chimney pipe. Talk about sitting up and taking notice! I definitely stopped what I was doing at the sound. I went outside and looked on the roof, and there was a Northern Flicker beating the living daylights out of the metal pipe with its beak! Mating call time! Lovely (not). Although I have heard of this happening, I've never actually experienced the sound inside the house before. I took a photo of the 'racketeer', but the result wasn't in focus. If Freddie Flicker returns to contact his mate, I'll be well warned and try to get a proper photo!   I took a photo of this one last week taking over where the nuthatches left off ~ but it might be a female.

When I heard the mating call, this song jumped into my head ~ I've edited  to add a youtube of Jeannette MacDonald singing to Nelson Eddie (a mountie :),. with Jimmy Stewart.   Log cabin and all!  (Movie, Rose-Marie ~ 1936) When I'm calling you.... 

Here is a little photo of an Easter basket I gave to a friend's 5 year old daughter on my way down island. (Actually she's the granddaughter of my cowpoke sidekick ;))  I thought she'd enjoy using the bunny bowl for cereal when the chocolate carrots are all gone.


The new header on my blog is a photo I took in the park over the weekend. The fragrance of that bed of hyacinths was unbelievable. Nice tulips as well.


Mixed weather when I was there ~ some gusty wind by the ocean where I spotted a huddle of pigeons hunkering down on the bank. I braved the weather, threw them some oatmeal, but Mr. Bluster (the notorious weatherman) flung it back at me. Aargh. Ptthptth. (That's me spluttering out boomerang oatmeal.)

Today I played 'pick up sticks' that had accumulated on the lawn.  I could have used the help of this fellow ~ but he was otherwise occupied - at least he was quiet while hanging on to his twiggly bit.


I noticed quite a few squirrels happily scampering about the park with mouths full of treasures blown in the wind. There were numerous offerings for feathered nesting purposes, so perhaps Nature, while causing concern for some, was also helping other creatures great and small.

The cherry blossom is opening slowly, probably a bit tentative about blossoming during this weather.  The weather forecast suggests it might be sunny by Saturday -- but that's not for awhile!

Keep smiling :) 


  1. That's a wonderful colourful header, and a most enjoyable post what with food, flowers, wildlife and James Stewart!
    I laughed at the antics of the Northern Flicker, but doubtless wouldn't be so happy if it doing that on my chimney!
    This post most certainly had, and will keep, me smiling! Flighty xx

  2. I love that vibrant new header!

    Glo, you are a one-woman catering MACHINE! I wish I could've seen your whole spread -- and tasted, too, of course :-)

    I'm finding that the color combo in your tulip photo is fabulous with roses (Graham Thomas and Reine des Violettes). Gorgeous colors, all.

    You had me giggling at your oatmeal sputtering. Must've been messy, indeed.

  3. What a magnificent show of Hyacinths and Tulips - not to mention mouth drooling turkey.

    You will have to learn to use a wet finger to find the wind direction before throwing food and caution to it. ;)

  4. Hi Flighty ~ glad you enjoyed the header and post ~ I was surprised to see J Stewart in that clip, but thought you'd get a kick out of it :) No more from the Northern Flicker, thank goodness...probably got blown away in the wind as there are gusty winds again!

    Hi Nikki ~ The bed of hyacinths was amazing and I was so pleased to be there when they were all in flower ~ and so I'm glad you too enjoyed the vibrancy (good description!) of the header.

    LOL at the catering machine ~ that's funny (but true ;) Since leaving school, I have been asked if I could make some kid type snacks for the group that I made them for last year (when I made the pineapple into an owl). I have been making lists of possibilities so if i do it, I'll blog about the choices I make. Pretty silly of me getting getting coated in oatmeal... I knew the wind was blowing in my face. Geesh! Oh, well!

    Hi John ~ Pleased you liked the flowers and turkey! I laughed at your commment...throwing caution to the wind ~ very good! The wind was very gusty and of course it was blowing in my face, so where else would the oatmeal go... I just wasn't thinking, and, therefore reaped the rewards of a silly person. ;)